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Ladies Sangeet is the most important event in everyone’s wedding. The company manages this event according to budget specifications. On your requirement, we can provide artists, celebrities, anchors and male and female singers. We also arrange DJ, Sound, and lights to make all events fabulous and memorable.

Sangeet Night is a ceremony of fun, music, and dance. It is one of the most happening and enjoyable pre-wedding rituals. Previously, the Sangeet and party used to be organized only by the bride’s family and was confined to the women’s folk dance. But now with changing times, it is observed by the groom’s family, as well. The ritual of the Sangeet ceremony is now part of every wedding. A lot of preparations are put in place to make this evening a special one. Long hours of dance practice, coordination of steps with family and friends go into making the evening memorable. However, the most important aspect is the selection of right and great songs that will entertain your guests. Commonly preferred genres are Indie pop, Bhangra, medleys, and other popular Hindi film scores. Udaipur Event Management is the best event management company that crafts all your requirements which includes the sangeet ceremony. Wedding management companies deliver high quality and unforgettable experience for your Pre Wedding Sangeet. Event Planners are known for their creativity and style and will make your sangeet ceremony exclusive and magical. We arrange the best artists who bring alive any Night. The marriage management team is a professional event planner and can transform your sangeet Night into an occasion your guests and will remember for a long time.

we organize Ladies Sangeet for our client’s satisfaction. These services are delivered by our experts who have long experience in the domain. Further, sound and lights are also arranged by us for making the event splendid and memorable. We ensure that these services fully satisfy the clients and guests talk about it for a long time. Further, we provide these services to the clients as per their budget specifications. A sangeet is an Indian ceremony prior to the wedding. This event takes place two or three days before a wedding in a Banquet Hall or if a small affair, we provide musical sangeet services. It is one of the most enjoyable ceremonies before the wedding and is exclusively for women. Sangeet ceremony is held few days before mehndi ceremony and comes as a time for joy and merriment amidst the hectic hustling bustling

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We are specialist of Ladies Sangeet Organizers in Udaipur & Mehndi ki Raat, ladies sangeet group in Udaipur . We have male & female singers, dancers, emcee (anchor), choreographer which can perform on music with dholaki player and orchestra band. Group. we can perform the following types of songs (Geets) for ladies sangeet occasion.It is well known that Sangeet is the best and most important day in one’s life. We understand this completely and therefore, we put in the best of our efforts to make this special day very unique and memorable in a personal life

One of the important pre-wedding functions is ladies sangeet/ mahendi ki raat that is celebrating with all pump and show now a days. We have full team of Singers/Dancers to make this occassion also very special by rending traditional songs, boli, tapay, gidday. Our Artists ensure that all present relatives and friends participate in the function with gusto. We make them dance and sing and make each and every member feel important.

Anchor for Sangeet Night

Beautiful décor and delicious food alone do not a party make. Be it your wedding or your Sangeet, your birthday or New Year’s celebration, big parties require someone to get things going and keep people hooked. We have various anchors for your wedding and sangeet events.

You no longer have to worry about arranging games for the children, music, and dance for the young adults, and lively conversation for the elders. You, as the host, having organized the entire event, deserve to sit back, relax, and enjoy the party without feeling the pressure of conducting the event. Leave that job to our energetic and dynamic anchors/emcees who have something up their sleeve for everyone.

We have one of the best female anchors in Mumbai who can take care of Hosting a Sangeet, Anchoring a Mehandi function, Birthday parties, or any other event. Our Emcees are vivacious, funny, and available for any weddings in Mumbai, Lonavla, Goa, Jodhpur, and Pune. Our wedding emcee and anchors can host your wedding event in Hindi, English, Marwari, Marathi, and Gujarati language.

Let our professional anchors do the job of making people laugh, getting the dance floor full, and engaging even the quietest of guests. Contact us to take the burden of hosting an event off your shoulders with the guarantee that the event will run smoothly. You can also reach us on 99286-86346, 9413174160.

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