Sangeet Entertainment Performances

Sangeet Entertainment Performances

Ladies Sangeet|Pre Wedding Function|Dance Group for Sangeet Night Udaipur 

Mehndi Ki Raat or Pre-wedding Function is the Indian equivalent of a bridal shower. It’s a time when Bride gets to spend the time of fun and relaxation with family and friends, gorgeous designs are applied by the well trained Mehandi artist on the hands and feet of the glowing bride with her close friends amidst laughter and music.

It is often combined with Pre-wedding Function or “music,” and hence makes it a night full of music, dance, and feasting. This is an awesome function when all the family and friends get together for an all-night of entertainment and enjoyment. The lady’s night can be made more fun-filled along with the touch of a tradition for the new-age bride.

These days mehndi and Pre-wedding Function nights are big functions in themselves and often planned by wedding planners but even if not them also they are always something that all the cousins, friends and relatives look forward to. We have compiled a list of some amazing, creative, and fun-filled ideas for Mehndi. Try them out

1. Dance Performance: The best idea for pulling out a great Pre-wedding Function function is to plan a group dance performance for which a dance choreographer can be hired. You can also go for western salsa, cha-cha, or other hip-hop dance styles to add more variations. Special performances can be performed by close friends of bride & groom in honor of the new couple as a congratulatory gift. we provide Dance Group for Ladies Sangeet Night.

2. Skit or Play: A small skit can be prepared, enacted by friends and relatives narrating how the bride and groom met.

3. Antakshani: Bring your songs gyaan into utilization! This is one game which is evergreen and since forever families and friends get-togethers play it with fun and masti. So get singing the song starting from the last letter of the previous song.

4. Rapid-fire: Asking several questions within a minute from any relative or friend can be really fun to have.

5. Family awards: The laziest award of the house goes to ‘pinki’! You can think of many such witty and funny awards and invite cheers.

6. Fashion show: Set the ramp on fire! Who does not wants to look like those zero figure models? Fulfill all your wishes in the wedding fun and have your very own ramp walk show – walk the way you always wanted to on the ramp.

7. Sach ka Saamna: Its time to prove yourself in the court of love! The bride and groom are asked a certain set of questions about their would-be wife and husband. The one who answers better and knows more is the obvious winner!

8. Rewind the moments: This is the best you can do at dinner time. Set up a projector and run a slideshow of all the photographs and videos right from childhood to this special day.

9. Sleepover Ideas: For girls-only a sleepover can be organized which involves beauty packs, Manicures & Pedicures, etc. It will make them glowing as well as super happy.

10. Music and Singing: Indian wedding without wedding songs and Dance party is just unimaginable. Hire a DJ or have a good music system or sometimes even a plain Dhol is sufficient to add that special touch. Singing traditional or folk songs along with the elder ladies in the family is also a special way of celebrating.

11. Dance performance by Bride and Groom: The most anticipated dance of the night is a dance by the bridegroom. It is their first “appearance” as a couple, and everyone looks forward to seeing them perform.

12. Karaoke: Trust me that nothing is more fun to do in a get together than having a karaoke system. it gives everyone a chance to perform and have a really good and fun time together. So if you don’t have one till now, you better get one soo

13. Games: Special games can be played with different props to be used in dancing. ‘Pass-the-pillow’ game can be played with music, and every time one gets out can dance on the song of the bride/groom’s choice. The musical chair is one good game too, you will be surprised to see the child within everybody!

Got some more exciting and fun filled activities? We are waiting to hear from you!

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