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Inauguration, whether to launch a product, service, branch, franchise or an entire business division, the opening ceremony, when done right can be the catapult to unimaginable profits. There is no surer way to attract positive attention and bring on the pizzazz. Capture your intended audience with information both constructiveness and entertainment. Who better than us to put on the spectacle of a lifetime for your mega launch?

The program

Without planning, structure and executive capability, an opening ceremony is doomed before it can begin. We generate a game plan that takes into consideration the ground realities. We are also prepared for all possible contingencies. Other practicalities such as the budget and timeline also need to be taken care of. A well-developed schedule keeps events flowing evenly and rivets the audience. Our team remains on standby during the entire event so that continuity is never hampered. We also source entertainers and promoters who can inspire and represent products and services in their best light. More leads will be generated at the launch than you know how to handle!


Grand launches are often accompanied by bumper sales and showers of discounts. But is that truly enough to generate leads in the long term? Will your intended customers remember you past the launch date? Look beyond these old fashioned methods. Today, publicity is about creating an unforgettable impression in the minds of the target customers. Word of mouth referrals, ad campaigns, and social media crusades should be prepared to keep this in mind.

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Carrot and stick techniques

Your incentives should be carefully thought out: they should be useful, entertaining, attractive and value-driven at the same time. Budget carefully to ensure that each guest, whether invited or not receives his or her goody bag. These additional incentives can really make a difference to your event’s success. Well thought out and useful gifts tend to be memorable longer.


What’s an event without entertainment? No one wants to attend an inauguration where they are bored out of their minds! We arrange celebrities, DJs. Musical Events etc for entertaining the audience. In fact, monotonous and tiresome proceedings may actually generate negative publicity. Talk about losing before you begin! Avoid this awful fate by hiring entertainers: dancers, comedians, musicians and specialty acts. Try to fit in a local celebrity or two as well. These are a sure fire way to create an extraordinary and lasting impression.

Event Management for Inaugural Ceremony – Services
  • Flower Decoration Services
  • Corporate Event Inagurations
  • Balloon Decoration for Inauguration
  • P3 led Wall for Events
  • Nasik Dhol for Inauguration
  • Artist Management For Inauguration
  • Hostess and Master of Ceremony Arrangement
  • Celebrity Organizer for Inauguration
  • Transportation Management Service

Inauguration Event Management

Inauguration is in fact an emotional moment as it is the beginning of a venture for which a lot of hard-work and time of people have had gone into. Inauguration marks the beginning of a dream coming into a reality and Udaipur Event Management is the best partner you can hold hands with to ensure the smooth running of your inauguration ceremony. We are an event management company with specialization in conducting inauguration ceremonies. From Stage decoration to celebrity booking for inaugurating we will guide you with each and every aspect of your big day. It is our passion and hard-work that has made us one of the top inauguration agencies in Udaipur. We keep updated with the latest trends in the ceremony of inauguration and that has been a great blessing for our growth. However, one thing that we always insist is that we want to hear your story first. In that way, we can organize the event in such a way that it remains as a very special and touching day in your life. We simply love making people happy and content.

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