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Mela Theme for Mehendi Ceremony

Who does not love mela, carnival or fairs? Everyone must have paid a visit to a fair in their childhood. One of the best things about a mela is the colourful and fun-filled ambience. Isn’t it? So, how about if you incorporate the mela theme in your mehendi ceremony? Indeed a great idea. The mela theme will not only be loved by your guests, but will also make your ceremony different from the usual themes.

And, if you are wondering how you can have a mela-themed mehendi ceremony, then read on to know all about it.


Vibrant drapes

When it comes to drapes, make sure it is vibrant and colourful. Go for hot pinks, yellow, orange, purple, green or any other bright colour to decorate your entry way, make canopies or any other thing, but make sure they complement each other. It is best to use 2-3 colourful drapes at a time as less is more. But if you are planning to use more drapes, then use some subtle colours along with bright ones like white, light blue, lime green or any other light colour so that the drapes look beautiful, not gaudy.


Genda phool decor

One flower which instantly brightens up the whole decor is genda phool. Hang them as strings or in various shapes, use them to decorate your props or style them with other flowers, they will always add an oomph factor.



Fun with pin wheel

Pin wheel is one of the most common item/toy seen in a mela, so why not have them at your mehendi ceremony too! Use them as a backdrop, hang them together or use them in any other way, they will simply make your mela theme decor wow.


Game stalls

No carnival is complete without a few game stalls. A shooting stall, crossbow stall, ring stall etc. are must haves at your mela-themed ceremony. It will not only keep the young ones occupied, but will also make the adults happy!



Food and bangle stalls

Other than game stalls, every fair has various other kinds of stands like refreshing beverage stall, food cart (thela), cotton candy stall, chuski stall, bangle stall, some handcraft items stalls and what not, so do not hesitate to add these types of stalls at your function to get the full feel of a mela. Take a hint from the picture above.



Makers and readers

Do have tarot card readers, astrology corner, nail art, mehendi designers, tattoo counter, live bangle making counter, pot maker, turban makers or any other such counter in the ceremony to complete the mela theme. Look at this picture for a clue.



Folk music and dance

Having a DJ is a good idea, but if you want to add a desi vibe at your mehendi ceremony, then call some folk dancers, musicians or dhol walas and let everyone dance to their tunes. Take some hint from this picture.


Rajasthani Photobooth


Other decor

Carnivals are all about fun and so should be your decor. Just go crazy. Use cycles, rickshaws, trucks, autos, giant wheels as props. And if you are not that keen on using props but still want certain elements, then go for bright colourful board designs as backdrops, hang teapots, ghungroo bangles, lanterns, paper crafts, puppets or any other thing to make your mehendi ceremony an affair to remember!