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Vivid colours, upbeat music and fascinating decor, Mehendi function is the most fun-centric out of all the ceremonies. To make the event, more memorable, plan really cool and happening activities that will involve all your guests and make them bond well. We have created a list of mehendi function ideas to add some extra fun and entertainment. Have a look at these and select your preferred one.

Live Bangle Making

Bangle ceremony is also a part of mehendi ceremony in most regions. So, while some of them are getting their mehendi done, the rest can enjoy in the live bangle making. Hire a live bangle maker so that your guests can choose bangles according to their own design and styles, matching their outfit. Watching the process will be great fun not only for ladies but kids and mens too. Go ahead and do that Instagram LIVE!

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Message Wall

This is like a really fun idea where there can be a message wall/wishing tree/wedding advice that the guests can put up for the couple. You can design this wall in the most creative ways where your guests can have fun writing on it or maybe sticking note pads on them or else if you don’t want others to read out (some date night advices) you can keep a bowl and ask your guests to write chits and put into it.

Fun Food Stalls

Think out of the box and plan some fun food stalls with live counters, DIY cupcakes, Pani puri eating competition, chocolate counter, customized pizzas, and lot more. Another great way to make this part more engaging is by making your guests feel nostalgic and including stalls for Baraf Ka Gola, Buddhi Ke Baal (Cotton Candy), Kacchi Keri (Raw Mango) with Red Chilli Masala over it. We bet you, this stall would be the most crowded one!

Favor Counter

Put up a favor counter that your guests can take back with them after the function. This could include accessories like Earrings, Mathapatti and Haathphool, Juttis and Potli Bags and Makeup.

You could also design a customised kit for your guests with a nice favour and chocolates inside it.

Fun Games

Games is yet another way to keep your guests entertained and go away with the best memories from a Mehendi party.

Tug of war, carrom, cards, tambola, dumb charades, treasure hunt are some options. Don’t forget to keep gifts for the winners so that your guests are all enthusiastic and excited to play.


This part doesn’t require an explanation.

In the world of putting everything on the “Gram”-INSTAGRAM, you need to make sure that your photobooth has it all. From elaborate props to DIY, none would ignore this section. You can even arrange for Polaroid cameras for immediate photos. This idea has to be the hit for a Mehendi party full of entertainment.

Hire Jaltarang Player for wedding

A Jaltarang Player Can Create Magic In Your Social Event

Jaltarang – I wonder how many of you may have even heard this musical instrument being played in their entire life. If you have then you are among the lucky ones.

Jaltarang has been an important part of the Indian culture and heritage. This is a drumming instrument that contains different bowls containing water. It is used to create mesmerizing tunes that pleases the listener’s ears. Imaging an artist bringing out soulful music just by using water, bowls and china sticks! We are sure you are already tempted to check out this art form online and must be screening through online videos to see this music form.

If this has excited you so much then imagine the level of excitement that your guests will have when they hear a talented and skilled Jaltarang player playing live right in front of their eyes. And then think about the kind of appreciation and applause that you will receive for being so creative in hiring a trained Jaltarang player to play at your event to entertain your guests? Your guests will return back not just with a smile on their face but also appreciate the fact that you have gone out of the way to make them experience something that they may have never ever seen in their entire life.

If you are on cloud nine already making all the plans and imaging the event day in your head then delay no further and, get in touch with Udaipur Event Management today .

We create unique events

The attractiveness and simplicity of the Jaltarang is what was tempting for us and then we started our hunt for trained and professional Jaltarang players. We searched every nook and corner of the globe to hire Jaltarang players who can create the perfect music with this simple instrument. And our search did not go waste and was fruitful. Today we boast of the best Jaltarang players in our team of artists who perform live at various events across India. Be it a wedding, a birthday party, a corporate event or any other social event, you can hire our Jaltarang players from us by contacting us on phone or dropping us an email.

Jaltarang is an ancient art form that finds a special mention in our Puranas. We let you and your guests understand our rich culture and heritage through our artists who play the touching music on the Jaltarang at your event.

Contact us today

Watching Jaltarang players perform is an experience that is out of the world. Contact us for the best Jaltarang artists who promise a memorable performance at your event. .

Rajasthani Folk Langa Singer

If you are looking to hire Singers for Rajasthani Marwari Wedding. so, here we book your best singer as per your choice and make your wedding entertainment. Our singers have performed many Rajasthani Marwari weddings in all our India. Even our singers had performed Rajasthani Marwari wedding in Dubai.

Singers for Rajasthani Marwari wedding

We book singers and Music bands for all Wedding Function of Rajasthani Marwari Wedding- Ganesh pooja, Sagai, Mahira, Bhaat, Pheras, reception, Haldi. We have all types of Singers and bands for the Marwari Wedding. Ganapati Staphana and Griha Shanti Pooja – Devotional Music bands with all Indian Classical instruments after the Ganesh pooja for Marwari Wedding Function Pithi Dastoor/ Haldi in Marwari Wedding – Female singers sing with family ladies traditional and Bollywood songs and are accompanied by dhol/Dholak beats played by our musicians and women present at the Haldi Marwari Wedding function,- For Haldi Function we have Bollywood Music Bands.

Singers for Rajasthani Marwari wedding

Mahira Dastoor/ Bhaat Marwari Wedding Singer-This is another important ceremony which is performed individually by our Female Singer who sing all Bhatt/Mahira songs at the bride and groom’s home, We have female Singers who sing all Marwari Mahira Songs. Pheras Music – Live music band with western instruments and Indian classical fusion with Bollywood retro covers and love songs. We manage all the music part of a Wedding Event. For hiring singers for Rajasthani, Marwari wedding contacts us.

Playback singers for Rajasthani Marwari wedding

We provide male playback singers and female playback singers for the Rajasthani Marwari wedding. As per client choice and budget, we provide our best playback singers for a Rajasthani Marwari wedding. Our playback singers have performed in all over India and even they recently performed in other country cities like Dubai etc. contact us for booking singers for Rajasthani Marwari wedding.

Hire a band for a Rajasthani Marwari wedding

your wedding will complete if you hire a band for a Rajasthani Marwari wedding. Our music band has performed many wedding events in Mumbai, Delhi, and Rajasthan. As per client budget and choice we provide our best band for an event. Hire a band for a wedding will make your ceremony wonderful, entertaining, enjoyable, and memorable at an affordable and flexible cost. For hiring a band for Rajasthani Marwari wedding contact us.

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