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We at Udaipur Event Management as one of the best marriage services companies in Rajasthan organize Rajasthani folk dance for any of your special occasions. We are the best organizers for Artist Rajasthan Folk Dance, kalbeliya Dance, Goomar dance Shehnai Players, Rajasthani Dancers, Kachi Gohri. Puppet Show, Chari Nartya, Firework with dance, Langa Mangayar(Jaisalmer ) Sufi Music, Rajputi songs, and all Type Rajasthani event. Highly cultivated classical music and dance are a vital part of the Rajasthani culture. Folk music and dances are worth praising. The Kalbeliya dance (Jaisalmer) and the Ghoomar dance (Udaipur) have gained worldwide appreciation. The folk music of the state is simple and songs are depicting day-to-day relationships and chores. Kathputali, Chang, Bhopa, Ghindar, Teajaji, etc are popular folk music. Folk songs are ballads depicting heroic deeds and love stories of Rajasthani people. Devotionals songs (Bhajans) are also sung. The Kalbelia Dance or the snake dance performed by the women to the enchanting tune of musical instruments is one of the best examples of the human emotions in which movements and the costumes bear resemblance to that of the serpents to catch the snake. Ghoomna Dance the women in the community move clockwise and anti-clockwise gently and gracefully while wearing the Ghagra. Contact us for further details. Please call us on 9928686346, 9413174160

We provide you all types of Rajasthani folk dance live royal welcome rajwada band rajwada food festivals ghumar dance kalbeliya dance Jal Tarang gazal singers qawwali group, Langa party all type a2z entertainment group provide in Udaipur.

Kachi Ghodi – A dance form, central to which is a colorful dummy-horse in which men in elaborate costumes dance rhythmically to beating drums, under a large umbrella

Chhatar Kotla – while a singer narrates the exploits of the Bhavaria bandits of Shekhawati.

Bahrupiya – The artful, disguise specialist and performer par excellence – the ultimate con-man!

Kawa Circus – One of India’s earliest Rajasthani circus featuring numerous traditional artists of Rajasthan

Jogi Kalbeliya Nritya – The Kalbeliya dance is probably the best known of all Rajasthani dance forms. Snake worshippers and charmers, the Jogi Kalbeliya are masters in everything to do with snakes – in fact, their dance moves are based entirely on the fluid movements of snakes.

Young musicians from the Langa community – The Langa are a professional musician community. They are either ‘sarangiya’ Langa, who can sing and simultaneously play the exquisite Sindhi sarangi – or the‘surnaiya’ Langa, who play the algoza and other woodwind instruments. Trained by their ‘ustad’, theyoung, budding masters of the community will share their music and inspire school children as they continue to uphold the legacy of their forefathers.

Phad – an ancient form of folk painting, now slowly dwindling, presented along with the dramatic storytelling that accompanies the revelation of these scrolls.

Kavad – The enchanting world of kavad is where a beautifully illustrated box opens out like Alice’s wonderland telling stories both old and new. The storyteller or kavadiya bhat unfolds each panel, narrating mythological and historical stories with the music of the Kalbeliyas.

Chang Nritya – Native to the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, this exclusively male dance will make you reverberate to the beats of the chang (daff drum), ghunghroo, manjira, and bansuri. Watch the dancers make beautifully rhythmic patterns to the deep sounds of the chang. variety program of traditional Rajasthani music, also featuring excerpts from our main stage performances and ending in a rousing finale with drummers and dancers.

Khan Manganiar, a legendary folk singer and sarangi maestro. Though the sarangi is not a traditional Manganiar instrument, he has put his own stamp on their traditional repertoire with his mastery of this instrument.

A group of talented young musicians from the Barmer and Jaisalmer districts will be performing next. They truly are Thar ke Sitaare. This group will present a short excerpt from a longer program that will be featured in the Desert Lounge at Rao Jodha Park.

Shafi Khan, a mesmerizing Sufi singer from Kashmir, also featured in our Main Stage performances, will be taking the stage as well as some of our international artists.

The finale will feature a special collaboration between a drum section with the dusha (traditional war drum) and the dhol (double-sided drums) and a select few dance forms of Rajasthan such as the Chari, Jogi Kalbeliya and Agni Bhawai dancers.

Taste the myriad flavors of a variety of traditional dance forms reflecting the distinctive root traditions of Rajasthan including:

Chang Nritya – a charming, captivating dance, with men swaying and grooving while playing a round frame-drum called ‘Chang’.

Derun Nritya – dedicated to Gogaji (the Lord of Snakes), this is a pan-community dance tradition performed to the primal beats of the derun (damru). Watch Murad Khan’s party from Hanumangarh perform this evocative dance-ritual.

Gair– a talented group from Jasol (Marwar) perform the martial-looking Gair, a form in which dance meets martial arts… brightly clad dancers in flaring raiment move in formation while mock-fighting with long sticks.

Gavari of Mewar– a troupe of Bhil performers from Mewar who perform musical street theatre that explores themes of worship of their Devi, mythology, history and biting political satire.

Bhils of Vagad– catch a glimpse of the lesser known music and dance forms of this tribal community from the Vagad cultural region of Rajasthan. Truly unexpected! Early in the day, a serene morning, the melodic drone of the ‘Tandura’, the beat of the Jhanjh/ Manjira (small-paired cymbals) and the rhythm of the Dholak create the mood for the meditative strains of the bhajans of the Meghwal community. This year we have the exquisitely meditative and masterful Mahesha Ram, Bhallu Ram and Tamachi Ram singing the poetry of popular poets of their community and Rajasthan.

its very first rustic dance ‘bootcamps’, facilitated by noted trainer and danseuse Ada Kyra. Short, intense and very rigorous, these camps will give participants an experiential insight into the movements and practice of these dance forms.

Kalbeliya & Ghoomar are two well-known, magnificent traditional dance forms having their roots in Rajasthan.

Ghoomar, originally a Bhil tribal dance in praise of Goddess Saraswati, is now popular, ‘must-have’ in any Rajasthani family celebration. It typically involves delicate wrist movements and performers twirling while moving in and out of a wide circle (the word ghoomna means “twirling around” and is the basis of the word ghoomar). The Kalbeliya dance form can be equally delicate or vigorous. It is the traditional dance of the Kalbeliya community, emulating the movements of snakes.

Jodhpur Rajasthan event management interactive session series gives the audience a rare opportunity to meet fascinating artists from various root traditions. The sessions encourage visitors to engage with them and chat about various folk instruments, forms, and communities through their performances, demonstrations, and facilitated interactions. As more and more of Rajasthan’s and India’s rich traditional cultural heritage disappears Jodhpur Rajasthan event management puts the spotlight on some of our remarkable music forms and traditions nearing extinction.

vocal Singer

The singer hails from the village of Samrau, near Jodhpur. She belongs to the Jogi community, who have traditionally been experts on snakes, their handling, capture, and care. This is the community from which the popular Kalbeliya dance form comes and she is one of the senior-most custodians of the vocal traditions that accompany the dance. Suguna Ji is among the last few people alive who remember the ancient musical forms that are sung before the dancers begin to perform. In spite of setbacks in her personal life, Vocal Singer continues to perform across the globe with passion and verve. She has a charming but powerful presence and her voice is as unique as the art form she keeps alive.

kamaicha Artist

Our kamaicha Artist is a stalwart of the Kamaicha. Hailing from the village of Bhadli, near Jaisalmer he has been a regular presence at the Queen’s Palace in Jaisalmer fort for the last three decades.

He comes from the Miraasi community, who believe they are descended from the Gandharva musicians who performed in Indra’s court. Dapu Ji was taught to play the kamaicha by his father. The story goes that the entire neighborhood would come to a standstill when the young Dapu played in the evenings. He has gone on to continue to learn about the instrument and his musical lineage as well as teach it to his son and nephews and others who want to learn to keep this instrument alive. He has enthralled audiences from all over the world at Jaisalmer fort. He has won the admiration and patronage of the Jaisalmer royal family, the Rajasthan

Tourism board and many others for his skill and dedication to his heritage.

In its present form, the Kamaicha has 10-17 strings and is played with a bow. A typical Kamaicha is made of mango wood, its rounded resonator ‘Tumba’ is covered with goatskin. The playing strings (3-4) are made of goat intestine -‘roda’ and ‘joda’ while the other 14 sympathetic strings are made of steel, called ‘jhara’. The Kamaicha is different from its Iranian counterpart called ‘Kamanche’ (a spiked fiddle with a smaller body and no resonant strings). The Kamaicha’s bow is prepared from ‘Khejari’ wood and horse tail hair.

Occasionally, small bells (ghungroo) are attached to the bow to produce a rhythmic jingle along with the notes.

Music of the Kalbeliyas with Deviji

Mohini Devi will open the Main Stage performances of this year’s festival with a presentation of traditional Jogi (also known as the Jogi Kalbeliya) music. Mohini Ji is an enthralling singer who hails from the Jogi community in Daijar, near Mandore. She is one of the few female singers left who carries on what used to be a robust musical tradition in the community. The women of the gypsy-like Jogi community used to sing along with the serpents the community is famous for handling. When the practice of catching and raising snakes was outlawed under wildlife preservation laws the women slowly began dancing to represent the snakes that were an integral part of their culture. Over time the Kalbeliya dance form has overshadowed the musical traditions of the Jogis, with only a few women left who remember and perform these disappearing songs. What is also remarkable is that not many women vocalists can match the high pitch of the been(pungi), the reed-like instrument which is a hallmark of the Jogi Kalbeliya, the way Mohini Ji can. Her astoundingly unique voice and passionate presence make for a wonderful performer.

Langa Singer

Our Langa Singer refuses to be categorized. A singer-songwriter, actor, director, and teacher living and working in Tehran, his sound is as eclectic as his passions – combining electronica with spoken word, jazz, and pop, he takes his audiences on a journey as personal as it is communal. He puts the Persian sounds of his heritage (the poetry, music, folk forms, and instruments) into frames that evokes his own modern-day experiences of growing up in Teheran. He has been performing with rock bands such as Dash, with the jazz band Naima and with the independent experimental of a big music band.

Manganiyar Singer

Manganiyar Singer is a dynamic and mesmerizing Sufi singer from Sopore, Kashmir. His passion for music sustained him through a turbulent and financially precarious childhood. His talent was recognized but the opportunities to further them were few and far between. By dint of sheer passion and hard work he is known today as one of the finest Sufi singers from Kashmir. His penchant for Kashmiri folk and Sufi gayaki combined with his mesmeric swaying and enthusiasm during his performances make him a delight to listen to and watch.

DESERT music sensation (all acoustic, traditional – from Rajasthan)an unusual, acoustic, moon-lit rustic experience under the stars with musicians in this stark yet beautiful environment.

The night begins with vocalist Sumitra, a hugely popular singer who specialises in bhajan sangeet and other forms of traditional Rajasthani music. She’s been featured at rajasthan event management and other festivals in India and abroad and has collaborated with spectacular composers and performers like Ram Sampath. Her husky alto and powerful throw will create a magical ambience under the moonlit desert night.

She will be followed by Mehfil-e-Thar, a motley group of extremely talented artistes from the Barmer and Jaisalmer districts who will present a rare repertoire of songs on nature, changing seasons, love and the events and celebrations that mark important milestones in the lives of desert dwellers. It will be a rare glimpse into the way music and life are so highly integrated in these communities.

Kalbeliya & Ghoomar are two well-known, magnificent traditional dance forms having their roots in Rajasthan.

Ghoomar, originally a Bhil tribal dance in praise of Goddess Saraswati, is now a popular, ‘must have’ in any Rajasthani family celebration. It typically involves delicate wrist movements and performers twirling while moving in and out of a wide circle (the word ghoomna means “twirling around” and is the basis of the word ghoomar). The Kalbeliya dance form can be equally delicate or vigorous. It is the traditional dance of the Kalbeliya community, emulating the movements of snakes.

We invite you to embrace the rustic beauty of these dances in the company of kalbeliya… learn some key arm and wrist movements, spins.. celebrate those twirling waists and let loose…

in the musical air of Jodhpur rajasthan event management!

Each Kalbeliya & Ghoomar session is a stand-alone; participants can come for any one session.

All three boot camps have limited capacity.

Please wear appropriate clothing.

Do carry your own wiping material (towel, wet wipes, etc.). Be prepared to sweat! It is a boot camp!! No

prior dance experience required.

The poetry of Meera Bai

The legend of Meera Bai and Rajasthan are deeply connected. What kind of a connection is it? How have the oral and musical traditions of Rajasthan and India been influenced by Meera and vice versa? How have different communities in Rajasthan brought Meera into their musical and historical traditions?

These questions and more will be explored by artistes from the Meghwal, Manganiar and Kamad communities (among others), in conversation with renowned folklorist


Accomplished Jaipur-based vocalist returns to Jodhpur rajasthan event management,with songs of love, longing and celebration in the traditional maand gayaki. This is a classical style of Rajasthani music similar to the thumri or dadra.
sound training in both Hindustani and maand make her performances an auditory treat for thelistener.

the Legendary music of the Langa

Every year rajasthan event management has attempted to showcase the particular musical traditions of one of the diverse communities of Rajasthan. This year we bring together the most senior and respected maestros from the Langa community for a performance resplendent with their virtuosity, talent and passion – in their repertoire and in their instrumental prowess. The Langa are a community of professional musicians trained as genealogists and singers, playing the inimitable sindhi sarangi (a unique stringed instrument) and wind instruments such as the algoza, murli, etc. The programme features the legendary Kader Langa on

the sindhi sarangi and vocals, Mangniyar and Langa on vocals,Mangniyar on the sindhi sarangi,Langa on the sindhi sarangi, murli and sataara and Langa on vocals and harmonium. These veterans will be joined by promising young artists
from the Langa community as well.

vocals-All the way from Portugal, brings to India the sweetly melancholic repertoire of the fado. Fado is an oral tradition of music from Portugal which is usually characterised by longing and sadness. It is an intense experience that draws the listener into the inner world of the singer and the story. Ana is a renowned fadista who brings her wide experience and passion for this art form, with additional experience in a variety of other form – as a trained Bossa Nova singer and later as backing vocals for Boite Zuleika, a band based in Porto; as a co-founder, with Francisco Almeida (flamenco guitar), of the Fado Violado project – a project that intertwines fado and Flamenco.

Winner of many South African Music Awards and a two-time Grammy nominee and winner in 2016, world

renowned flautist and music composer, Wouter Kellerman performs with his band at Jodhpur rajasthan event management 2018, consolidating his collaboration with young Rajasthani artists that began three years ago. Kellerman has
focused his attention on roots, world and jazz music, exploring the versatility of his instrument and drawing
from the deep tribal and folk traditions of Africa, fusing them with classical and contemporary sounds.

(latin and Afro-beat inspired electronic world rhythms)

Jodhpur rajasthan event management is honoured to present India festival premiere appearance at Club Mehran.Los Angeles DJ/Producer musical influence is a result of being brought up on a stable diet of Latin and World Music. Always intrigued by electronic sounds, Jose’s mission has been to fuse his love of world rhythms with the dance floor. Jose indeed succeeded when he burst onto the scene in 2010 with memorable remixes and edits of artists such as Celia Cruz, Nina Simone, Oumou Sangare and many others.

Since then, he continues to travel the globe uniting nations on the dance floor with his signature sound performing at major clubs and events such as Djoon (Paris), Global Fantasy (Athens), Solid Garage (Toronto), DEEP (Los Angeles), Crossroads (NYC), etc. He is a groovy, in-the-pocket, make-you-move DJ!


rajasthan event management

Singer will be starting this unique dawn concert with the plaintive notes of the surnai welcoming the morning. This maestro has enthralled audiences at rajasthan event management for many years and is being featured in a premiere solo performance. This will be followed by a unique jugalbandi between young ustads Langa on the sindhi Manganiyar on the kamaicha. This is the first time such a focussed collaboration has taken place and they will be singing and playing devotional music from both communities traditionally used to greet the dawn, such as prabhaati, heli, fakiri and bhajans, along with vocals and dholak, and will deliver the saar or essence of their folk traditions.


Jodhpur rajasthan event management invites you to the wonderful world of the belly dancer, one which carries an unique vibe as the dancer gently unleashes a divine feminism from within while discovering and exploring the sensual movements of her body. The grounded, graceful and gifted danseuse will not only teach you the techniques of belly dancing but will also share the philosophy behind the origin of this dance form. An introduction to various style of belly dance such as the oriental, the tribal, the the taqseem and more… get ready to shed all your inhibition and some calories thanks to some intense hip shimmies, snake arms, maya, chest isolations… come and rediscover your body and soul!

Paying tribute to the age old tradition of telling stories and singing songs around fires on dark nights, rajasthan event management 2018 will see the first such Round house session where Welsh and Indian storytellers and singers will weave together stories and music from both oral traditions.

She is a prolific composer, dazzlingly versatile vocalist and staunch supporter of artistic excellence. Jodhpur Rajasthan event management 2018 is honoured to be hosting a unique performance of Shubha Mudgal’s Baramasa: A Year in
Song, an exploration of a special repertoire of compositions on the theme of seasons of the mind, body and spirit as extracted from baramasa poems in Brajbhasha, Awadhi and Urdu literature. Baramasa poems narrate in exquisite detail the pangs of longing and separation experienced by the protagonist through the ‘barah”/twelve ‘masa’/months of the year, juxtaposed against elements of the seasons and nature. presents a selection from a variety of ancient and medieval sources as well as from collections published byresearchers and scholars. She will be joined by Aneesh Pradhan on the table. Aneesh ji is one of India’s leading tabla maestros and is much sought after as both an accompanist as well as solo artist. Sudhir Nayak will accompany them on the harmonium.

brings the magic of Maloyan rhythms to Jodhpur rajasthan event management 2018. Immersed in the land and soundscapes of Réunion, Tiloun gives new life to its traditional lyrics and music. His is a voice, both fragile and striking, telling us about Réunion, its spirit and the meeting of language and heritage.

Tiloun appears at Jodhpur rajasthan event management courtesy a very special, long-standing relationship with IOMMA (Indian Ocean Music Market) and Scénes Australes supported by Region Réunion and the European Union.

Our Manganiyar stands tall as a Sufi singer in Rajasthan. His awe-inspiring voice and sheer depth of knowledge make for an unforgettable listening experience. He hails from Dabdi, a small village near Jaisalmer and learnt the basics of Sindhi Sufi gayaki from his father Khan sahab His passion led him to further hone his craft under the tutelage of Ustad Bhikey Khan in Sindh, Pakistan for 8 years. He nowtravels the globe singing primarily in Sindhi and introducing audiences to this distinct genre of music.

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