Mahila Sangeet at Udaibagh

Langa Party|Manganiyar|Wedding Folk Singer|Wedding Organizer

Langa Party

KHAMAGHANI! Rajasthan – The land of colors! Known for its folk art, sand dunes, camels, legends and kings… Rajasthani songs and compositions capture all the beauty of this state. Our Folk Singer and his fellow famous Folk artists musicians are all from Jodhpur, Rajasthan performing a fine blend of Folk and Sufi music from the Thar Desert. All are masters of their art and they touch the soul of the audience with their stunning voices, mystical tunes, and breathtaking rhythm.

Sufi Langa Night

A mystical soul journey! Rajasthan has a rich tradition of Sufi songs and contemporary folk music artists, all sang by the Manganiyar community in their own magical style.
Divine love, tolerance and pluralism are the essences of Sufism and music is the way deepening one’s relationship with the Creator. Sound and music are thus central to the core experience of Sufism. This program is, therefore, the music of the soul, by the soul and for the soul.