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Langa Magniyar Rajasthani Folk Singer in Rajput Wedding Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

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Langa Musicians

Langas are professional caste musicians. They live in western Rajasthan and provide musical service to the Sindhi Sipahi community. They sing songs related to life-passage ceremonies i.e. birth, marriage, and related ceremonies or festivals.

Historically for at least four hundred years, the group has been providing music on Gujrat and Sindhi Sarangi. This evolved chordophone, the Sindhi Sarangi has helped them to enhance the quality of compositions.

The Langas continue to serve their patrons but for the last two decades, they have become a big force in representing folk music of Rajasthan on all types of electronic and other popular media. They have widely traveled artists in the whole world. They have a strong voice and have an improvisatory technique to improve the quality of songs.

Manganiar Musicians

Manganiar is professional hereditary caste musicians. They mostly live in Jaisalmer and Barmer districts of Rajasthan. They play an interesting string instrument played with a bow. It is known as Kamaicha. The instrument is exclusively played in Rajasthan and some other parts of Sindh in Pakistan.

Manganiars (Though Muslims) sing invariable among Hindu patron families. They serve during childbirth, weddings, and other ceremonies. Manganiars are very good are rhythmic instruments like Dholak and Khadtal. Their musical compositions are very complex and have improvisatory rules build into it. Virtuoso rhythm playing has largely added to their success in music.

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