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Everyone likes Ice Gola / Chuski. Especially kids like most. Ice Gola live stall is very much suitable for kid’s gatherings like birthdays.

Ice Gola has won the hearts of children of all ages and also those who are children at heart. Ice gola is nothing but shaved ice molded into a cylindrical shape and dipped into flavoring syrups. It is a wonderful dessert during summer as it refreshes you from the scorching heat. A summertime birthday party would be the ideal time to hire an ice gola machine vendor to come to your party venue and set up an ice gola station. The myriad flavoring syrups would get the kid’s chance to experiment and explore various syrup combinations. An ice gola station would be a sure hit at your summer theme birthday party.

Whether you organize a party for a birthday or for any other occasion, an ice gola counter is always a good option. Be it for kids or adults, this is one thing that everyone enjoys. Our vendors for ice golas have served at various parties and are always admired for the quality and flavors that we provide. You can book an ice gola counter for all types of parties from Udaipur Event Management across Sitamarhi Patna Bihar, which is somewhat similar to getting a breeze off the beach at home. May whatever we say, ice golas remain the favorite of most of the kids and they take any chance they get of having it. For health concerns, most parents don’t allow their kids to have golas at all, and hence it is a good option to get a baraf ka gola counter for kids so that they can enjoy the delicacy at least at parties. Hence, it will be a brilliant idea to get an ice gola counter for kids’ birthday parties.

Everyone likes to have Ice Gola, especially kids like it most. Ice Gola live stall is very much suitable for kid’s gatherings like Birthday parties, school functions, and other festivals, particularly for children.

Kids have their own preferences and parents have to keep dishes that are liked by all. Udaipur Event Management has organized enough and more parties to know what kind of menu would appeal to children. We’ve noticed that sweet corn is liked by all. Medium spicy sweet corn, toppled with a dollop of butter, garnished with cheese or made tangy with lemon – children love it. So we’ll help you select the menu, based on our experience. We can be your food advisors and aid in choosing the apt menu.

Udaipur Event Management will take care of the entire birthday party menu. Be it sitting with your kid and deciding on the birthday cake showing him the options, to deciding on the main menu and the dessert section, we’ll handle everything. We have our team of bakers who’ll come up with the trendiest and most lip-smacking cakes. If you want to add extra glitter, we’ll have 3-D cakes, cupcakes and designer cakes prepared based on your requirements. Chocolate fountains melt child’s hearts so that they can gorge on their content, enough to make every birthday party a fairytale event. Parents can enjoy the birthday and remain carefree while we look after the arrangements.

Have a blasting birthday party for your little ones with Udaipur Event Management where we come up with delightful and innovative ideas to make each party unique. We believe that each child is unique and hence every party has to be a special event.

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