Rajasthani Folk Singer at Maan Bagh, Udaipur

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Experience Best Rajasthani Folk Group live on stage! From the hearth of Rajasthan straight to the stages of the world. They are known for his high energy and upbeat performances taking the audience on a journey to Rajasthan. A feast for the ears and eyes, Singer and his Rajasthani Folk Fusion band are bringing you the finest of Rajasthan’s Folk music with a modern twist. This band has toured global festival stages connecting with all kind of audiences. Our Band powerhouse voice paired up with some of the finest Folk artists of Rajasthan and special guest artists- playing western instruments- are the soul of this project. Feel the spirit of the land of Sand and endless skies with Folk Group soul touching Sufi compositions. Or hit the dance floor with some of his unforgettable songs across genres. Feel free to connect for festivals, corporate or private bookings and make your event an unforgettable musical moment.

It is a Sufi and Folk Band from Rajasthan, India. They used to perform with his the full band including Rajasthani dancers and well known for his Sufi and Folk performances. He started performing live at a very young age and has performed in India as well as across the globe.

He can mesmerize the audience with his folk voice. He’ll be the best choice if you’re looking for a Sufi, Folk or Ghazal band at your Wedding, Corporate or Private event. He used to perform with the 5-Piece band, 10-Piece Band and 18-piece band including dancers.

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