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Famous Dance Groups Jaipur|Hire Punjabi Gidda Artist Udaipur|Welcome Girl Rajasthan Contact 9928686346, 9413174160

Match your footsteps with your partners, friends or colleagues and enjoy the dance party by us. We organize dance parties for individuals and also for the corporate sectors. Keep yourselves swinging as well as shaking for the whole night on the foot-tapping numbers. The remixed songs & the original fast tracks and the sparkling light effects by us creates a synergy that will rock any party.

Carefully choosing the music and the effect of the light, we synchronize everything with the taste and choices of your guests. We also have our own orchestra where our band members play live music for you depending upon the choices of the individuals.

We arrange the following type of Dance Arrangement:

Celebrity Dance
Folk Dances
Rajasthani Dance
Western Dance
Punjabi Dance

If you are looking at Bollywood western Dance troupe in Udaipur Rajasthan, Classical and Contemporary Dance Troupe in Udaipur, Morden Dance troupe in Udaipur, Bollywood Dance troupe in Udaipur, Western Dance troupe in Udaipur, Fire Dancers or fire dance troupe in Udaipur, Punjabi Dance troupe in Udaipur, Shadow Dance troupe, Udaipur event management offers to you all dance troupe for hire or contract basis.

We provide dance troupe for all kinds of events in Mumbai dance troupe for corporate events and dance troupe for weddings. We have high-quality professional dancers on contract.

Udaipur event management provides Bollywood Dancers for  Corporate Conference Organizers, Dealers Meetings Organizers, Corporate Award Leisure Night, Office Decoration, Corporate Annual Day, Corporate Gifts Items Suppliers, Team Building Activities, Corporate Meetings Planners, Founders Day, Exhibition Seminar, Inauguration, Get together, mall promotion activities, Roadshow, product launching promotion, NGO Event shows. We offer a Bollywood dance for all kinds of events. a dance group for corporate events, weddings, and stage shows in Udaipur and near to Udaipur hotel resort locations. Artist On Call has numerous Udaipur and foreigner dancers for shows, corporate events, wedding events, awards night video shoot, etc. We have dancers of all dance forms like Bollywood Dancers, Hip Hop Dancers, Bhangra Dancers, Salsa Dancers, Belly Dancers, Mujra Dancers, Samba Dancers, Giddha dancers, Dandia dancers, Rajasthani Dancers, etc. If you want to hire a Bollywood dance troupe in Udaipur then a call to mobile number 9928686346.

We have a strong team of Dance Choreographers, Foreigner artists, International Band Players in Delhi who can work not only in Udaipur, we have given our services in the whole Rajasthan.

Other Services

  • International Artist Management
  • Celebrity Management
  • DJs Services
  • Speed O Chef
  • Foreigner Artist
  • Anchors / Emcee
  • Rusian Belly Dancer
  • Ballet Dancer
  • Udaipur Belly Dancer management
  • Arabian Dancers
  • International Dance Troupe
  • Piano Artist
  • Sand Artist
  • Flute Mermaid
  • Violin Artist
  • Saxophone Player
  • Cello Player
  • Keyboard Player
  • Item Performers
  • Live Water Human Fountain
  • Tanoura Dancers
  • African Acrobats
  • Helio Angel Act
  • Laser Angel Show
  • International Salsa Dancers
  • Martini Glass Girl
  • Champagne Chandeliers
  • International DJ Player
  • International Symphony Band
  • Punjabi Bhangra Troupe
  • International Harp player
  • Trio Violin Girl Band
  • Talent Management
  • Percussionist Artist
  • Bagpipe Band
  • Foreign Models
  • Orchestra Band
  • Udaipur Local Live Bands

Booking a Bollywood Corporate Event:-

You can book Udaipur Event Management professional dance troupe to perform at your Bollywood themed evening, International event, Awards Gala or Diwali Function!

If your company is looking to host a uniquely themed event, party or diversity day, Udaipur Event Management offers fantastic solutions for corporate needs. Bollywood dancers will bring color and energy to your corporate event, creating an unforgettable spectacle. We tailor each performance to each company, considering your brand, the venue, time constraints, and of course budget! We can also combine performances with interactive workshops for a fuller experience.

If you need your corporate Bollywood entertainment to pull out all the stops, we can guarantee a show-stopping display.

Udaipur Event Management is proud to represent Indian cinematic culture in London and beyond. Our Bollywood dancers have performed at international festivals, concerts, and award shows the world over. Include Bollywood Entertainment in your program and give your audience a taste of India! Our Bollywood entertainment truly is 1st class and perfect for film festivals or product launches.

Hire Bollywood Dancers & Bhangra Dancers
If you are looking for some spirited and dynamic entertainment, hire Bollywood dancers and Bhangra dancers! These brilliant dancers can deliver an engrossing performance that will get your guests in the mood to party. Whether it’s a team of talented Bollywood dancers adorned in beautiful and colorful outfits or vibrant Bhangra dancers with traditional performance, your event is sure to be a hit!

Our Bollywood dancers can thoroughly entertain your guests with stunning dance routines. And our Bollywood dancers can also thoroughly surprise your guests with a surprise appearance by bursting through the door of your venue, to add a hugely fun and unexpected element to your evening!

What is Bollywood Dance?
Bollywood dance is quite a contemporary style of dancing that was developed in Bollywood films. However, it is hard to determine exactly where Bollywood dancer’s roots lie as it is a combination of different styles including Indian folk, belly dancing, and even jazz. As ‘Bollywood’ is generally used to describe the South Asian film industry we can say Bollywood dance is a form of dancing brought to life through cinema.

Did You Know? – Throughout the history of Bollywood dancing the Bollywood, dancers have been known to choreograph myths and other tales into their routines, telling the stories using hand gestures or other movements.

What is a Bhangra Dance?
Similarly to Bollywood dancing the origins of Bhangra dancing are not entirely clear, but its inception did come about in the Punjab region of India. It is also said that it is related to the martial dance of Punjab called ‘balaa’. Typically, Bhangra is performed in a circle and occasionally some dancers will use other props such as swords or sticks. Additionally, Bhangra dancers may incorporate some tricks into their routine like sitting on each other’s shoulders.

Did You Know? – There are nine sub-genres of Bhangra dancing including the Giddha, which is usually performed by just women and the Gatka, where the dancers perform with daggers, swords or sticks.

What is the Difference Between Bollywood and Bhangra Dancing? 
With their energetic and colorful styles, these two popular forms of dancing are occasionally mixed up, so we have decided to help set the record straight. Bollywood dancing is predominantly found in Hindi films and is a blend of Indian classical and folk dance with some aspects of Western choreography, whereas Bhangra dancing is much more traditional folk dance which is mainly performed at celebratory events such as the harvest.

Bollywood Dancers to Hire on our Roster
The delightful selection of Bollywood dancers to hire on our books can bring their lively and vivacious routines to your event. Whether you’re looking to hire Bollywood dancers to perform an engrossing show at an event for your brand or would like them to dance at your wedding, these brilliant Bollywood dancers will surpass any expectations with their irresistibly enjoyable routines. Here are some of the Bollywood dancers to hire on our books:

You can have your pick of some of the leading Bhangra dancers to hire in the industry with the exceptional dancers in our books. These fantastic Bhangra dancers always prove to be a hit at any event with their sensational performances that really reflect the spirit and celebratory soul of their culture. Here are a few of the Bhangra dancers to hire with us:

Hire Punjabi Dance Troupe – These brilliant Bhangra dancers have performed all over India, with a remarkable show that gets everyone up on their feet and wanting more.
Hire Absolute Bollywood – As well as their Bollywood dancers this team also has Bhangra dancers that promise a show to remember. Their high-energy, visually stunning performances help to create a fun atmosphere for all your guests to enjoy.
Booking Bollywood Dancers or Bhangra Dancers
Immerse yourself in the wonderful culture and charisma of Bollywood and hire Bollywood dancers to perform at your special occasion. Or, you can hire Bhangra dancers for a more classic show with a dance that was made especially to celebrate. Whatever dancers you decide upon our excellent account managers can offer you recommendations and advice to ensure your event runs like a dream. As a top entertainment booking agency, we have the connections and knowledge to help you book the perfect Bhangra dancer or hire Bollywood dancers, just give us a call!

To discuss your corporate Bollywood entertainment needs or to hire our Bollywood dancers & performers for your special event or Festival, simply contact us.

We provide Bollywood Dancer Jaipur, Singers, Anchor Jaipur, Corporate Event Organizers Jaipur, Bollywood Corporate Events, Corporate Entertainment, Bollywood Dance Entertainment, Hire Bollywood Dancers

Hire Punjabi Gidda Artist Udaipur, Jaipur, Rajasthan

We provide Giddha Dance Troupe throughout India. Giddha is a popular folk dance of women in the Punjab region of India. The dance is often considered derived from the ancient dance known as the ring dance and is just as energetic as Bhangra; at the same time, it manages to creatively display feminine grace, elegance, and elasticity. It is a very colorful dance form which is now copied in all regions of the country.No musical instruments except perhaps a dholak accompanies Giddha and provides the rhythm for the dance. The distinctive hand-claps of the dancers is a prominent feature of this art-form. Giddha dress is quite simple and one can find women in rural Punjab donning it every day. The only difference is that costume for giddha makes use of brighter colors and is complemented with heavy jewelry.

These Bollywood, Giddha, and Bhangra Dancers are a traditional Punjabi dance group dancing to traditional Punjabi Boliyan popular for Jaggo Nights, Wedding Receptions, Ladies Sangeets, Mehndi Nights and Lohri Parties.

Our dancers have also performed at Birmingham Carnival, Glastonbury Festival and Eden Project to name a few. Bhangra is a fast and high energy dance that utilizes live music including traditional folk songs and Dhol players. Our Bhangra Dancers wear traditional costumes and the performance is typically for around 30 minutes.

Welcome Girl for Wedding Event, corporate Event & Other Event Udaipur, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Udaipur Event Management offers Welcome Girls for various events. Welcome girls for parties are high class, educated and well-mannered girls. Welcome girls are available for welcoming your guests at the venue, escorting them to stage or other locations, welcome girls are available for service and adding spice to your event.

Foreign Welcome Girls for events

Welcome Girls are available for various events, events like birthday, wedding, corporate functions, award nights, private parties and various other events, Book Welcome Girls for parties and events, add glamour to your event.

Costumes of Welcome Girls are based on the theme of the event, Welcome girls are dressed to perfection. Be it traditional, modern, fairy or any other theme. Welcome girls are available in the group.

They welcome your guest, escort the guest to their seats or stage, add sparkle to stage, escort the bride or groom, assist in function, etc.

Russian Welcome Girls For Weddings

Want to make your wedding a special event? You can hire the Russian girls who can give your wedding a nice touch incorporating a sweet ambiance. We at Udaipur Event Management come out with all skilled Russian belly dancers who can showcase their talent making your guests feel happier. Simply you tell us your requirement and we would help you with all real tie benefits. We are here to come out with the ultimate creativity and thus you can explore life in a new way. You can now make your dreams come true that gives you the confidence to arrange your wedding with all the great things. Your guests would love to stay at the party till the end and we assure that you can feel better knowing that you are in the right place.

Hiring the Welcome Girls

We appoint the best Russian girls to welcome your guests on the wedding day that helps you to incorporate that nice ambiance with the true touch of romance. You can thus make your guests feel good and they would love to enjoy the event. We give you all optimistic facets and thus you can now give life a new start. We come out with the real positive vibes to your place that reveal the importance of hiring these glamorous Russian girls for your wedding day.

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