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Motivational Programs To help you build a committed and motivated team we present highly customized Motivational Programs and this is what we call ‘Human Technology’.

Stress Management & Time ManagementCreative Management of Life
Team Building, Vision & LeadershipOrganizational Synergy
Power of Positive Attitude & Thinking like a WinnerPerception to Perfection
Setting Effective Goals & Achieving themMind Management & Decision Making
Communication & Interpersonal SkillsCorporate “Walk and Talk”
Emotional Intelligence & Anger management3 Cs : Converting Conflicts as Challenges

Udaipur Event Management gives you access to the world’s brightest Business minds, The mission of Udaipur Event Management is to provide a platform for the world’s top thinkers, keynote speakers, business speakers, motivational and Celebrity speakers to promote their visions and Ideas globally. Our Speakers contribute both personally and professionally to improving life on our planet. speakers include world leaders, best-selling authors, educators, celebrities, Sports Icon’s, visionaries, heroes, leading scholars, media personalities and top business experts.

There are so many enticing public speakers just waiting to speak at your next event. Bringing a top speaker or expert to your event can be a game changer. Whether you want to drive change within your organization or get motivation from a real-life inspirational story, connect with best public speakers and leaders through Indian Speaker Bureau; the Speakers Bureau where leading organizations partner for their business conferences and events – via keynote presentations, cross-industry interactions, inspirational and leadership sessions.

The key role of a motivational speaker is to engage the audience through speech that inspires the audience to reflect upon their own life in some profound way that gets them to change their behavior or take a specific action.

The ultimate goal for these speeches is to share new positive ideas and make audience to believe in their ideas and to bring positive changes among listeners, whether it’s a change in their mindset, lifestyle and everyday actions, their work skills, or a bigger change in the society.

Corporate speakers are the motivational speakers invited by corporate, to engage and inspire their employees. Calling corporate speakers as keynote speakers to conferences and town hall events are very much common these days. This activity is a great HR and employee engagement tool.

Corporate do also organize specific workshops or employees conferences where they call corporate speakers with the sole purpose of communicating their view points to their employees with a real life experience stories.

“If you are looking for an motivational story to lift spirits and pull the team towards one objective? Booking a corporate speaker will help you achieve all these objectives!”

And we at Udaipur Event Management, being the leading event management company helps you to book/ invite motivational, inspirational,keynote speakers for your corporate event.

Being a 15 years experienced event company, we have an extensive experience and network to arrange various speakers from different walks of life. Not only hard core corporate speakers, we also arrange sporting legends, bollywood biggies, eminent life coaches, stand up comedians etc.

We also cater to speaker hire for specific event needs like master chefs, wine testers, yoga coaches and meditation experts etc. We also assist you to hire a guest speaker to appear in person at your event for meet and greets with your guests. And can also arrange a guest speaker to host your event, or to present awards in your award ceremony event or to hire speaker to cut ribbons on grand openings. We can help you to book corporate motivational speaker for your event.

Recently we have called motivational speaker and standup comedian for a Employee Conference – Thing Bigger, this was a great example of how to incorporate keynote speakers into a employee conference to engage your audience.

We are a complete event management company

As an complete event management company and a leading celebrity management agency, we deal with all of the logistical sides of the booking. Whatever the corporate event from conference to town hall to employee engagement, We’ll ensure to find you a guest speaker with brilliant material to set the tone for your event right.!
Not only do we provide Keynote speaker, we assist you to plan the complete event by taking care the logistical and production side of the event like staging, lighting, branding , hotel & travel booking etc with the assistance in event flow and content development.

Corporate hire motivational speakers because it is a great way to engage an audience and grab their attention by driving home a specific talking point through the storytelling process. if you’re looking to hire a guest motivational, inspirational, keynote speakers for your corporate event but don’t know who to book we can provide invaluable option on who will set the right tone.

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