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“Phir Dard Utha Dil Mein, Phir Yaad Teri Aai, Phir Teri Mohabbat Kay Afsane ko Hosh Aaya”- this quote from Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan tells us of the deepness and the emotional connection associated with Qawwali. It is the form of music which unites us all and takes us to a parallel universe as listeners. Udaipur Event Management have a great team of Qawwali performers who are world renowned for their exceptional singing skills. They have performed in front of large crowds to resounding applauses.

We offer Qawwali singers at the most reasonable price. They are highly reliable and punctual. They know how to captivate crowds and perform in front of hundreds of guests. A very important feature of any event is stage presence and the ability to engage crowds. Our performers excel at both of them. “Waah waah “is heard all over the venue when our artists perform. To be appreciated is our greatest reward.

Qawwali singing has the ability to make any event a big hit among guests. It transforms the venue into a magical place where everyone is drawn in. This is the reason for its popularity and prefer redness. Many great singers such as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Mohammad Rafi have become famous through Qawwali. Our performers are professionals in themselves and know all the right cords to hit.

Udaipur Event Management is a household name in the world of entertainment. We are a well-established company which strives for customer satisfaction and loyalty. Such is the quality and experience of our performances, that our guests hire us again and again. We hope to have a long-lasting relationship with you. Call us now for an experience of a lifetime.

Most famous Qawwali singers in Udaipur for any auspicious occasion Reliable services by Udaipur Event Management

Udaipur Event Management is a well-known name that provides artist management services as well as event management services in India as well as abroad. The team members at Udaipur Event Management are highly professional and dedicated and are known for organizing many events as well as functions successfully. The management offers the most reliable service for any events to the clients. The areas that are covered by the services provided by Udaipur Event Management includes wedding events, concerts, product launching parties, festivals, theme parties, , rock shows and lot more.

Old form of music – Qawwali

Qawwali is a very old form of music that is mostly popular in southern part of Asia. It is a very important part of the musical tradition. It is sung during any auspicious occasion as well as in pious location. Udaipur Event Management arranges for the best Qawwali singers in Udaipur for making the events pure and auspicious.

The strong network of the company makes it the best place to search artists for any event. This is also the biggest asset of the company. The contact list of Udaipur Event Management includes Indian celebrities, artists and international artists. For any events the most experienced Qawwali singers in Udaipur are provided who are known to mesmerize the guests by their melodious voice and good hold on the music. The artists that are provided by the Udaipur Event Management are expert in their field and are also very polite to the audiences and try to keep the requests from the audiences. The services offered are of affordable range so that the service can be provided to most of the clients. The entire organization of the event and well as the successful execution of the event is taken care of by dedicated professionals.

Qawwali is one of the traditional musical form of Sufi devotional music which is most popular in the region of South Asia including Punjab and Sindh regions of Pakistan, Hyderabad, Delhi and other parts of India, mostly in North India and some of the regions of Bangladesh. It is a mystical kind of musical form that can be spiritually awakening. It has grown as the music of love and selflessness that join people from all religions and communities by bringing them to a common platform of love and humanity.

Qawwali form is one of the musical traditions that stretches back for more than 700 years and is performed at Dargah throughout South Asia which is practiced by Sufis to inspire religious devotion and instruction.

Why Choose Udaipur Event Management?

We at Udaipur Event Management, actively engaged in offering the best Qawwali singer in Udaipur for clients. With over 25 years of experience in this Industry, we’ve a wealth of (experience) in offering one-stop solutions covering every aspect of your event and continuously delivering a high standard of Qawwali singer for cocktails. They will bring you an immense and melodious charm in your event by singing Bollywood Qawwali songs, old and new Qawwali song etc. according to your event requirements.

We have a wide range of services to cater to the varied requirements of our customer. We are just a call away from you. We are always at the forefront of our mind and will ensure you that your event exceeds all of your expectations.

If you are looking for one of the best Event Management Companies that provide high-quality and professional Qawwali Singers in Udaipur and outside Udaipur then you are at the right place. In case you have any query about our services, feel free to contact Udaipur Event Management.

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