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Ghoomar Dance of Rajasthan, Folk Dancers

The colors, designs and swirling robes of Rajasthan have mesmerized Indian and Western women for years. Because of the folk dance form of Ghoomar, which originated in Marwar, historic capital in the south-western of Rajasthan, outfits like Chaniya Choli or Ghagra Choli have become immensely popular.

Ghoomar, a traditional Bhil tribe folk dance is not just an act of singing and dancing but is a symbol of womanhood, a rite of passage in which young girls participate to declare that they are now stepping into the shoes of a woman. What makes Ghoomar and its accompanying attire even more alluring is the use of dance step ‘Ghoomna,’ in which young women twirl around with their Chaniya or Ghagra and the whirling effect produces a kaleidoscope of colors. Originally performed for worshiping Goddess Saraswati, the dance of Ghoomar of Marwar is now identified with its bright outfits and graceful inclinations.

Origin and History

Marwar, also known as Jodhpur region, is popular for Ghoomar, wherein Rajasthan communities perform the dance on occasions such as rains, Diwali, Holi and as a rite of passage. The dance form, which was developed by the Bhil tribe now, connects different Rajasthani and Rajput communities, who have adopted it as a show of solidarity.

It features men singing and dancing together while using graceful gestures such as beating palms, finger snapping, and twirls. It is perhaps most popular for its folk attire- an ensemble of a Choli (a blouse), a Ghagra or Chaniya (Swirling skirts of full or knee length) and translucent veils that cover the face. Silver ornaments, Kundan Jewelry and mirror necklaces were used as accessories.

Present Day Scenario

As a symbol of womanhood, Ghoomar of Marwar is generally performed at weddings and its various ceremonies such as Ladies Sangeet. On the day of the performance, women are seen wearing beautiful Chaniya in colors like red, green, orange, pink or blue with heavy embroidery or mirror work along with blouses. A veil covers the head and is adorned with mirror work, ‘gota’ or lace on a translucent colored piece of cloth. The skirts are wide to ensure that they twirl and flow during the dance.

Hire A Live Band, Book Live Music Bands

Whether it is about bachelor parties – every groom longs for, a wedding ceremony, birthday party or any kind of another event, selection of the appropriate live entertainment can make all the difference in the atmosphere. Like others, don’t forget to try something different this time and go far beyond the casual and repetitive tinkling ivories, Strip dancers or spinning DJs as well as most common Punjabi music. You have a better opportunity of enjoying a new wave of entertainment.

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Puppetry, Puppet Show for Wedding Event

The puppets in Rajasthan are one of the popular sources of entertainment in the state. The art of puppetry is practiced by a community of agricultural laborers of Rajasthan. Known as the Bhats, these people have been associated with Rajasthani string puppetry to carry forward their traditional occupation. Though they belong, originally, to the Nagaur area in the Marwar region, they travel all through the countryside to exhibit their skills. Also known by the name of the “kathputliwalas”, they usually perform the puppet shows during the late evenings.

In the puppet shows of Rajasthan, there are a number of wooden dummy dolls that are dressed up in bright and color attires. These puppets are attached with strings that the puppeteer uses to move them around. A miniature stage is set up with the help of a cot that is laid by length. The puppeteer tacks his puppets over a rope joined to the upper legs of the cots. The cots are covered with sheets in order to conceal the puppeteer from the view of the public. He moves the jointed limbs of the puppets with the help of strings attached to each of them.

Loud beats on the dholak (a kind of drum) announce the starting of the puppet show. Throughout the show, there is hooting and whistling by the puppeteers. Each of the puppet shows of Rajasthan has a theme different from the other. One of the most popular themes is that of the dialogues of Amar Singh Rathore of Nagaur. The plays are usually narrated by the female members of the troupe. The narration is accompanied with appropriate songs and beats on the drums that are in perfect harmony with the movements of the puppets. The shows, usually lasting one hour, are enjoyed by people belonging to all the age groups.

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Singers For Hire, Weddings, Parties & Corporate Events

Live Band

Take your event or party to a whole new level of entertainment and fun by hiring our live band to perform. There is nothing quite like the thrill of a band of musicians playing and you and your guests dancing to their tunes. Our live band performers will get you moving and bring on the party mood in no time. Feel entertained; feel alive only with our live band.

Symphony Band

Our symphony band is like an orchestra in Udaipur and Jaipur which performs at weddings, engagements, family events, corporate events, private parties and the like. They consist of performers playing brass, woodwind and percussion type of instruments and ensure that everyone at the wedding is having fun by playing enjoyable music throughout.

Wedding choreographers

Udaipur Event Management is a talent hub for wedding choreographers who are able to teach groups of performers or family members of the bride and groom to perform at the wedding. All our choreographers have a strong background in Eastern and Western styles of dances. The final dance performance can be accompanied by live music or recorded ones, as decided by you.

Male / Female singers

The only thing better than a melodious voice is two. Yes. Udaipur Event Management brings the most soothing and emotive male and female singers to your homes to perform at your functions and events. Trained in singing, these guys can perform at events of all kinds, entertaining guests of differing tastes. They can feel the pulse of the audience and perform accordingly. Their knowledge of music and desire to please their audience is what will keep your party going.

Dance Troupe

Dance troupes from Udaipur Event Management are experienced and can be a mix of male and female or exclusively female or male. They can be hired to perform at stage shows, weddings, for film and television shoots, live shows, etc. Performances of a singer in Udaipur and Jaipur can also accompany the performances of dance troupes if that is what you want.

Gazal night singers

Gazal night singers from the house of Udaipur Event Management add a soothing and charming element to any wedding. Our gazal singers have been hired by many reputed families in different parts of Northern India. We have experiences of performing at all sorts of Hindu and Muslim occasions, thus knowing the differing tastes and requirements.

Qawwali Singers Group

Find the finest quality of Qawwali singers from Udaipur Event Management. Enjoy live music like never before and lose your souls in the world of Sufi devotional music. Our performers are revered for their implicit ability to explain deep, philosophical messages in simple forms.

Rock / Jazz / Fusion Band

Udaipur Event Management is experts in the area of live and event music and does not lie behind when it comes to rock or fusion or a jazz band either. Hire a group of young, lively and enthusiastic performers to bring your event to life.

Military / Army / Fauji Band

Hire military or army or fauji band from Udaipur Event Management and enjoy a different kind of music with bagpipers and fauji pipe instruments. Our groups perform at weddings, birthdays and other celebratory events. Some groups are also able to arrange male-female singers in Udaipur and Jaipur India for performing at the occasion.

Rajasthani Folk Singers Group

Our Rajasthani folk singers group consists of male-female singers in Udaipur and Jaipur India since this is where they are most commonly seen to be performing. Our singers also travel to other parts of the country to perform at weddings, engagements, family gatherings, corporate events, etc. Let us know your requirement and we will arrange accordingly.

Rajasthani Folk Dancers Group

Our Rajasthani folk dancers group consists of 4 – 6 dancers consisting of both male and female dancers who perform on the track as well as with live singing group whichever way our client wants to. We have performed throughout India and abroad at a various wedding, pre-wedding and post-wedding Events. Any query we would love to hear from you. Call us now!!

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Hi-Fi DJMale Female SingersDance Troupe
Sufi Singer/Gazal NightQawwali GroupRock/Jazz/Fusion Band
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Bagpipe BandRajasthani Folk Singers GroupRajasthani Folk Dancers Group
Millitary Band/Army BandLive Stage ShowHi-Fi DJ
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