Flower Showering (Dropping) Helicopter

Flower Showering (Dropping) Helicopter

Helicopter Flower Dropping Service in Udaipur|Wedding Drawn Flower Showering|Bride Groom Entry Concept

How many ways do you know to make a wedding ceremony special? Get the finest wedding destination, highly decorated wedding hall, and guest reception area, and offer five-star food services to guests.

To add more to your list, How about showering flower petals from a helicopter on the bride and groom instantly after they get tied to the unbreakable knot of a lifetime.

Udaipur Rajasthan Event Management is the first and only service in Udaipur that has introduced the concept of a helicopter showering flowers on the bride and groom from mid-air.

Interestingly, the trend is getting popular among locals of Udaipur who are getting more innovative and choose to spend a little more to make the wedding forever special.

Mohit Sharma owner of Udaipur Event Management is the guy behind the Million-Dollar-Smiles on the bride and groom’s faces after they get showered by flower petals from a radio-controlled helicopter.

“These choppers are very safe, less noisy and affordable for anyone”, says Mohit, who is also providing Air Charter services by helicopter and 6-12 seater charter planes in Udaipur.

According to Mohit, Remote controlled Choppers don’t need any legal permission to fly and they have professionals who control the choppers from the ground.

When asked how a middle-class person can afford such an elite service in a wedding ceremony, Mohit said that the service is particularly designed for the middle class and upper-middle people.

The confidence of Mohit Sharma is valid as he has already served in more than a dozen weddings mostly in Udaipur and all over Rajasthan.

Certainly, marriage ceremonies are getting more stylish and gratifying than ever before; it all depends upon your level of expenditure and imagination to make it the most amazing event of your life.

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