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Udaipur Event Management is India’s leading Radio Advertising Agency. We help advertisers with the best rates and plans for their radio campaigns. We are also a registered agency for advertising in All India Radio. We can help you with advertising in both private FM radio stations as well as government stations.

Udaipur Event Management is a leading FM Radio Advertising Agency In India. We can help you advertise in FM Radio stations in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

With an extensive tie up across all FM stations in India like Radio Mirchi, Red FM, AIR, Radio Fever, Radio Indigo, Suryan FM, Radio One among others, you can be assured of the best FM Radio advertising rate when working with The Media Ant.

You can find the complete list of FM Stations In India with their card rate and best advertising offer rate online at The Media Ant. You can contact The Media Ant, the Radio advertising agency either through email or calling us at +91 99286-86346, 9413174160

We also help the FM Radio advertisers get their radio jingles recorded for free.

Radio Advertising Rates

Udaipur Event Management is committed to getting the most accurate data for the users. Hence, we ensure the advertising rates are updated on a frequent basis. Most advertising platforms update their rates at the beginning of a new year.

Hence, it is very important to check the updated radio advertising rates before booking your campaign. To find the updated Radio Advertising Rates 2022, please click on the media card on the page, visit the particular radio advertising option, and look for the latest radio advertising rates 2022 under the heading “Top Choice /Other Ad Options”.

Radio Advertisements

Radio advertisements are a form of commercial that can be heard on the radio. They typically last for 30-60 seconds and often rely on catch phrases or jingles to grab audience attention. The content of these ads varies from product information, to special offers, and announcements about upcoming products, services, events etc.

For the longest time, radio advertisements were a popular and successful way to advertise for products. But with the advent of television and now internet advertising, is there still a place for radio ads? A survey conducted by MediaPost suggests that some advertisers are turning back to this medium because it has an advantage over TV when it comes to targeting specific audiences such as children or adult speakers.

Radio advertisements are becoming more and more popular in the media industry. For example, McDonald’s has been running a series of radio ads on the hit TV show “Friends” which is known for its large teenage audience. In conclusion, with radio being an easily accessible medium, it will be interesting to see how much longer these advertising trends can last before they start declining again.

Radio Advertising Costs

Radio advertising costs depend on many factors. Here are two common criteria to segregate radio advertising costs:

  1. FCT and non-FCT: FCT stands for Free Commercial Time. This refers to the breaks during the radio programs as well as between two radio programs. The FCT is measured in units of 10 seconds. A brand can play audio ads known as jingle during the breaks. Usually, a jingle can be anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds long.

The radio advertising costs for FCT would be calculated on the basis of the jingle length, the number of times the radio ad would be played as well as the time slot when the ads would be played.

Non FCT radio advertising refers to other radio advertising options like sponsorship tags, RJ mentions, contests, studio shift etc. The radio advertising costs for non-FCT ad options depend on the frequency of ads as well as the time slots.

  1. Popular and Premium: In the section above, we talked about jingles, RJ mention, contests, sponsorship tags etc that are popular advertising options. The radio advertising costs for these popular radio advertising options are based on frequency and time band hence even companies with smaller budget can also aim for them.

There are also premium radio advertising options like roadblock and studio shift that demand blocking a lot of resources and hence radio advertising costs for these options are quite high. Apart from this, radio advertising costs may also cover charges for content creation or on-ground activations, a few other services offered by the radio channels.

Radio Advertising Prices

Radio advertising prices would vary on basis of several factors:

Ad Type: Radio advertising prices depend on the type of radio ads brands would want to run. For example, radio advertising prices for radio ad types like jingles that run during the breaks in the radio program might be lesser as compared to those that play during the show like RJ mention and contests. There are also premium radio ad types like roadblock and studio shift that create impact but are also priced higher.

Ad Duration: Radio advertising prices for radio ad types like jingle would also depend on how long the advertisements are since they are charged on per 10 second.
Time Band: Radio is mostly listened to by people traveling to and from work hence radio advertising prices during morning and evening are the highest.

Radio Station: Popular radio stations like Red FM, Radio Mirchi, Radio City often have higher radio advertising prices due to higher listenership.

City: Metro cities often have more listenership as compared to smaller cities and this can reflect in the radio advertising prices.

Radio FM Advertisement Charges

Radio FM advertising suffered a major hit during Covid-19 related lockdowns. As the world embraced work from home, with lesser number of people traveling to work, radio FM advertisement charges also suffered. However, in the year 2022, with offices opening again, radio FM advertisements have become one of the most popular advertising options for city level targeting. Radio FM advertisement charges would cover the following:

(a) Content ideation charges: Most brands come up with the message that they want to convey to the audience however, they need help in creating the script focused on radio advertising only. This is one of the radio FM advertisement charges.

(b) Content creation charges: After the script is ready, brands often need help from agencies to create the advertisements. This includes the Radio FM advertisement charges of audio recording the jingle.

(c) Radio advertising charges: Once the ad is ready, the next set of radio FM advertisement charges pertains to running the ads by buying slots on the selected radio stations.

(d) Additional charges for integrated radio campaigns: Most radio stations have evolved with time to offer additional services to make the radio campaign a 360-degree campaign. This might include digital, outdoor and non-traditional medium promotion and adds to the radio FM advertisement charges.

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