Corporate Dealer Meets

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Corporate Dealer Meets

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We are counted amongst the reputed service providers engaged in rendering Corporate Events Services. Our deft professionals work in close-coordination with patrons to know their precise requirements and accordingly organize the event. From catering, lighting, music and photography, we offer perfect solution to the customers that suit their budget. We are highly demanded among customers due to their proper management, flexibility, reliability and affordable prices.

Other Details:

  • Known for timeliness
  • Highly effective solutions
  • Based on client centric approach

These meets are aimed to share new development, achievements and future plan of the organization in between the direct & indirect associates of the organization. At another hand this is some kind of P. R. and Motivational Act to make the association bond much stronger. We do organize Dealer Meet very consciously in order to inform your product and services to them. These meetings are being conducted to spread out new technology within respective community to enhance the qualitative & quantitative output of individuals. This is for overall up gradation of the specific community. Usually we conduct it for – to spread information about company image

During dealers meeting we manage following things which are as follows:

  • Signage display
  • Audio-Visual equipment
  • Decoration with Floral/ other arrangements
  • Registration
  • Hall management
  • Anchoring
  • instantaneous Interpretation
  • Documentation, including translation
  • Exhibition & Stand-up displays
  • Catering
  • Entertainment
  • Business information display system
  • Accompanying Persons Programmers

Maintaining existing customer base is much important task today. Relationship with dealer is another important aspect in marketing which marketers in these follow in order to make their business more proficient and professional in the market. Dealers meeting are the only tool which provides solution for the same. We do it in an organized and efficient manner to build strong individualized relationships with customers. In present era “High tech is not sufficient, high touch is must – as well.” We also build brand image for your business and create positive good will so that to create a buzz about the product and services in the market.

In dealers meet there is introduction of product or service wrapped with fun and entertainment for entire associate members in business to provide unique tool of communication. We understand the identity base of brand “promise of value” i.e. different from any other.

Dealers meet are the meets in which people related to business and sales are involved. These meets also include the office staff and other attendees. Brand awareness, a launch of a new product etc are also part of dealers meet. Udaipur Event Management have turned such events into huge success. These events can be very boring at times. People give long monotonous speeches and information at such meets. Due to this, it becomes very tedious to keep the excitement and interest of the attendees on track. Below are some ways due to which we ensure that such meet-ups yield suitable results:

Sitting Arrangement :- We apply the best-sitting arrangements for the purpose. This is because your attendees have to sit and attend the event for hours. If the sitting arrangement is not proper, it becomes more difficult for them to sit through such meetups. Also, snacks should be kept on the table before your attendees enter. We do it. Our catering service also makes sure that refreshments are served time and again. This thing is very important to keep the guest invested.

Entertainment Quotient :- Our event manager helps in incorporating the entertainment in dealers meet. This can be through audience participation or any other means. To break the monotone, our executors apply fresh ideas to entertain the guests. This prevents your event to collapse under the burden of boredom.

Best Technological Products and Settings :- We keep the settings of technical tools foolproof and of highest standards. In order to deliver the sentiments and information to the audience, it is essential to have best sound settings and displays. We make sure that these technical aspects are up to date.

We Provide Brand Promotion Services like Planning of Event, Execution of Event, Promotion refers to raising awareness of a product or brand to the existing customers and to the potential customers, generating sales, and creating brand loyalty. As all the Management Studies teaches that Brand Prommotion is one of the four basic elements of the market mix, which includes the four P’s: price, product, promotion, and place.

Brand Promotion includes five most important functions, they are personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, and publicity. A promotional mix specifies how much attention to pay to each of the five factors, and how much money to budget. Many of big brands are following the attire of Below the line promotion because of rising prices of media based promotion, advertising clutter and increased impulse purchasing.

Fundamentally, there are three basic objectives of promotion.

  • Presenting Information to Businesses and Potential Buyers or Consumers.
  • Increase in demand of Product or Services.
  • Differentiation of Product and Services.
  • Presenting Information to Businesses and Potential Buyers or Consumers.
  • Brand Promotion Strategy
  • Mall Activity
  • Corporate Activity
  • Society Activity
  • RWA Activation
  • School Activation
  • College Activation
  • In-Shop Activation
  • Sampling Programs
  • Demonstration Programs
  • Branding Retail Outlets
  • Data Collection Activity
  • Lead Generation
  • Road Show
  • Free Sampling
  • Mystery Shopper Program
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Canopy Activities
  • Space Booking
  • Biker Rally
  • In-Shop Activity
  • Outdoor Activity Pop Installation Market Activations
  • Artist Management Sports Activity
  • Rural Area Awareness
  • Rural Area Marketing
  • Participating In Exhibitions
  • In-House Public Awareness Campaigns
  • Door To Door Selling

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