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Our awards night services begin with understanding and establishing the aims and objectives of your award ceremony or gala dinner. Your dedicated account manager will discuss your requirements, from AV to theming and staging to entertainment, in order to create a detailed event proposal. Once all elements are agreed, your dedicated team will get to work, designing, organizing and delivering a creative, exciting, professional and seamless awards evening. We pride ourselves on our bespoke, creative and extraordinary experiences, that will give your guests an unforgettable night.

Udaipur Event Management has all the elements for your gala dinner or awards event in-house, which means you have just one point of contact throughout the event planning and delivery process. We have all the expertise, AV production, theming, entertainment, speakers and presenters to organize and create your awards night or gala dinner. Our awards organizers will work with you and your team to guarantee strong ROI, an exceptional event that will exceed your expectations and engage your audience.

Our award night services include:

  • Event production and management
  • Stage set design
  • Invitations and guest management
  • Live entertainment
  • Stunning multimedia presentations
  • Technical support
  • Theming and props
  • Special effects
  • Speakers and presenters
  • Table centers
  • Video production
  • Venue finding

When choosing an event management company to take care of managing your gala dinner, there a few important things to consider. Firstly, size is a factor. For any sized gala dinner, you need a company with experience, but the bigger it gets and more guests there are to take care of, the more experience a company your company will need.

Always check the company’s portfolio and any case studies they can provide you and check if they have previously worked on gala dinners of a similar size to the one you’re planning. We’ve put on gala dinners of all sizes for a variety of different prestigious clients. Head over to our case studies page and see we’ve put on in the past.

Experts In Award Ceremony Management And Production

If you are looking to plan an award ceremony, want to put on a live event or hold a corporate gala dinner; then chances are you will need some help. Initially, it may seem like a simple job, but the reality is that there is a lot more planning and organization involved than you would imagine. That is where Udaipur Event Management can help.

With over 15 years of experience to fall back on and a friendly, professional and effective team, we can manage the production of live events, award ceremonies, gala dinners and much more. Having worked extensively in the events industry for nearly two decades we know how to produce an event that will exceed the expectations of our clients. So if you are looking for the best live event production company to manage your gala dinner or award ceremony, then we would love to help

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