Geetanjali Fresher Party at Udaipur

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Campus Festivals and the Fresher welcome parties organized by colleges have come of age. From being held in the confines of the college they have grown into big events with the involvement of service providers such as Fashion show choreographers, Dance Instructors, Caterers, Event Management agencies, DJs, etc. Management and students vie with other colleges for one-upmanship in organizing the parties welcoming the newbies with style and splendor. Fashions Shows, Talents Shows, Games, Contests, Mr. & Ms. Fresher Competitions, etc. give the new students their share of fun and glamour. The parties are funded by the students themselves with college managements to chipping in. Sometimes the celebrations continue ever after the Freshers’ Party in the colleges in the form of various talent shows, contests, etc.

Be it a Freshers / Exhibition/ College Fest /Ratri B4 Navratri/ a Farewell to bid adieus to the seniors… we provide our best celebration related services to ensure your fun and the elegant shine during the function. We help you see choices and evaluate various options and also at the right price.

We have collaboration and tie-ups with a number of vendors providing various services with all kind of budgets (Hotels and banquets, decorators, caterers, music, and entertainment, etc…). Share with us your thoughts, ideas, and expectations, we will custom create for you.

College events create beautiful memories in the timeline; we make everything be perfectly fine for you to enjoy all the thrill, frolic, fun and fulfillment.

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