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Occasions of Kavi Sammelans एक समय था जब Kavi-sammelan साल मे एकाध बार कुछ ख़ास अवसरों पर ही आयोजित किये जाते थे। आयोजक होती थीं साहित्यिक संस्थाएँ। उसके बाद सामाजिक संस्थाओं ने भी कवि सम्मेलन आयोजित कराने शुरू किए। लेकिन अब जबकि संचार का ये परंपरागत माध्यम अपने स्वर्णिम दौर को जी रहा है; अब […]

ORGANIZE KAVI SAMMELAN Kavi Sammelan (Hindi: कवि सम्मलेन) is a formal or informal gathering of poets in Hindi-speaking belts of northern India. The participants recite their poetry to each other and have a general discussion of literary issues. This may take place in private homes or before an audience. In the era before economic liberalization(1991), kavi sammelans were a popular […]

Book Kavi Sammelan If you want to organise a kavi sammelan in india and abroad you can contact me. I can manage all prestigious poets for your programme. The name of some legend poets are given below with their name and photos you can select the poets according to your choice and budget. After selecting […]