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Occasions of Kavi Sammelans एक समय था जब Kavi-sammelan साल मे एकाध बार कुछ ख़ास अवसरों पर ही आयोजित किये जाते थे। आयोजक होती थीं साहित्यिक संस्थाएँ। उसके बाद सामाजिक संस्थाओं ने भी कवि सम्मेलन आयोजित कराने शुरू किए। लेकिन अब जबकि संचार का ये परंपरागत माध्यम अपने स्वर्णिम दौर को जी रहा है; अब […]

ORGANIZE KAVI SAMMELAN Kavi Sammelan (Hindi: कवि सम्मलेन) is a formal or informal gathering of poets in Hindi-speaking belts of northern India. The participants recite their poetry to each other and have a general discussion of literary issues. This may take place in private homes or before an audience. In the era before economic liberalization(1991), kavi sammelans were a popular […]

Book Kavi Sammelan If you want to organise a kavi sammelan in india and abroad you can contact me. I can manage all prestigious poets for your programme. The name of some legend poets are given below with their name and photos you can select the poets according to your choice and budget. After selecting […]

Singers Available For performance at Corporate Shows : * Benny Dayal : 12.5 Lacs. * Neeti Mohan : 13 Lacs. * Neha Kakkar : 15 Lacs. * Sona Mohapatra : 10 Lac * Meiyang Chang : 4.5 Lac * Aish Kingh : 5 Lacs. * Shruti Pathak : 5.5 lacs * Shilpa Rao : 7 […]

We have Professional International & Indian Dance Troupe for Events, Wedding, Parties.1) Belly dancers 2) LED  dancers 3) Pole dancers 4) Arabian dancers 5) Martin girls 6) Fire dancers 7) International solo dance performer 8) African  Acrobats 9) Item Performers 10) Bollywood Performers 11) Wings Performers 12) Candles dance Performers 13) Bubble act 14) Bangra […]

1. The Game of Possibilities Time: 5–6 minutes Purpose: To stimulate conversation, ideas, and laughter Participants: •Small groups •This can be done with one group or multiple groups at the same time. Materials needed: Cloth napkins Instructions: •Give a napkin to each group of five to ten participants. •One person at a time stands and […]

Various Dance Forms Of Rajasthan Art forms in all the over the globe describe the unique and distinctive culture of every part. Talking about specifically dance, this form is loved and appreciated by every type of audience in the world. With varying culture in every part of the world, the dance forms in the world […]

Sound System • We have complete range of Sound to suit your requirement. • Our fleet of projectors include world’s most leading brands. • From Conferences to Concert Flying Speakers. • We have complete Solution for your Sound requirement. • Many Artists trust us from years for live sound reinforcement • As per your need, […]

Udaipur Rajasthan Event provides complete fireworks packages which includes both hand-made and branded fireworks (aatishbaazi) ranging from Rs 5000/- onwards for happy Occasions like Marriages, Parties, Birthday Ceremonies. A fireworks event (also called a fireworks show) is a spectacular display of the effects produced by firework devices on various occasions. Any event—a birth, wedding, coronation, […]

We provide Fireworkshow Service, Aatishbaazi, Cold Firework, Entertainment Artist Booking Rajasthan, wedding fireworks, corporate fireworks, public fireworks, Varmala Revolving Stage Theme, Bride Groom Entry Concept, Shahi Lawajma, Langa Party, Event Management Udaipur for Festivals, Marriages Best Entertainment show for weddings, Corporates Event in India. Fire show for events 09928686346       Udaipur Event Management Fireworks have many years […]

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