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Budget Management & Planning

Wedding Budget Management

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Planning the wedding of your dreams begins with the most important factor affecting your big day – the wedding budget. Preparing a detailed budget for the wedding day and pre and post wedding functions is an essential part of wedding planning and needs to be discussed with your wedding planner.

It’s natural to feel a little overwhelmed at first so here are some useful tips to create wedding budgets that ensures you don’t end up spending more than you can afford:

First step is to create a basic budget worksheet and to fill in known costs such as the Wedding venues, food and beverage, clothes and wedding jewellery etc. Next, you need to prioritize and figure which are the most important items to you as a couple. Some couples may decide to splurge on décor, while others may feel that they want to have the best wedding photographer. Listing out what you want, need and definitely can’t do without will help you figure out a budget that works for your vision of the big day. You will also have to keep in mind that costs of various vendors differ not only from place to place but also city to city. This requires a thorough search for the right wedding vendors who will provide you with what you want at the cost you desire. This is where we step in. Bandhan will help you to execute your vision in the wedding budget that you are comfortable with. Keeping in mind your wedding budget and costs, we will use our expertise and experience to plan, execute and manage your pre-wedding functions, wedding and reception as well as other required events. Once we have your wedding budget we will help you utilize it in the best way possible. We at Bandhan will help direct and allocate your budget funds and help you manage your payments according to the various timelines and vendor payment schedules.

We recently did a series on love and money, and we learned that paying off debt can lead to a happier marriage. So why not keep debt to a minimum on your “big day?” We are here to teach you how to plan a budget wedding. Of course, we want your wedding day to be special, but planning a wedding on a budget will ensure that you aren’t paying off these expenses for years to come.

Wedding is the most auspicious moment of a person’s life, the major part that decides all the features and arrangements of the wedding is the wedding budget. This task involves all the family members who list down all their requirement and estimate the budget that is required with the wedding planner from Mumbai.

Wedding planners help to efficiently utilize your budget in the most accurate manner.There are some important factors which you can manage to keep a record of the expenses that will be record.

Firstly, list down the venue required, foods and beverages, clothing and the jewellery.

Secondly, concentrate on the type of decoration and photography.

Once we get to know your requirements we will help you to utilize your budget of any amount in the most efficient manner starting from the Pre wedding functions to the reception.

We assure you that you will enjoy all the celebrations to the extreme.

Wedding Planning

Wedding is the most special moment of everyone’s life and most of the time gets wasted because of the busy schedule of the family members and the couple. The best way can be if the family members and the couple enjoy the pre wedding time at the extreme.

We at Wedding Dreams plan your weddings in such a way that we make you feel relaxed from the burdens of the weddings so that you can enjoy with your friends we also plan number of parties for the couples like night outs with their friends and many more.

Nowadays people are going for bachelor parties which are at a boom where you can pick some place and enjoy with your friends and celebrate your singlehood. You can also choose a holiday place and make it as a trip we will arrange all this as per your requirements.

Wedding Dreams are wedding planners from Mumbai planning weddings in all over India as well as overseas. We have our centres at Mumbai, Jaipur, Lucknow and Kanpur. We plan your wedding fully starting from the pre wedding activities like the bachelor party, bridal shower to the honeymoon. We will help in selecting the venues and provide assistance in travel and accommodation.

Call us – come meet us – and see for yourself.

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