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Priest Sharmaji(Pandit / Pujari) Ordained Minister, Legally accepted in most states,is Gurukul trained, highly educated North Indian with several years of experience performing Vedic Arya Samaji Sanskar Vidhi (Havan Ceremony) for auspicious celebrations in udaipur.Havan Ceremonies are performed for Prosperity, Health, Education and Family Occasions per Hindu Vedic Sanskar Vidhi at your place of convenience.Information about Priest: Hindu Priest Sharmaji is fluent in speaking English, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujrati languages and frequently explains the significance of Vedic Mantras (hymns) from Sanskrit in simple language. Younger generations can understand and enjoy the significance of the ceremonies performed by the priest. 
Invited by numerous families as their wedding ‘guest’ ­ Wedding Pandit is numbered amongst the most trusted wedding planners. It owes this distinction to its expertise and dedicated efforts to execute marriage ceremonies with care and compassion – it dare proclaim – equivalent to that expressed by a near and dear one. 
Right from the invite design to venue selection; from themed functions to exquisite cuisine; from venue décor to guest accommodation, trust us to make every aspect of your celebration memorable. 
Based in the picturesque heritage city of udaipur, we possess an expertise in executing heritage weddings and royal weddings across scenic locales in Rajasthan; providing you with an assortment that ensures an exuberating experience! 
What makes me Unique? 
After observing many weddings where the young couple and the audience do not understand the meaning of Sanskrit mantras, I felt the need to provide some explanation to them. I translate liberally explaining the meanings of mantras in simple understandable English language.  I connect well with the younger generation and the audience to involve them in the ceremony so that at the end of the ceremony everyone has something to take back home.  I  Specialize in and am flexible in customizing the services to suit your needs such as: Ceremony location, availability of dates, timings and duration of ceremony etc. Puja and Havan Ceremony material can also be arranged by the priest. I promise to work for your spiritual guidance and satisfaction. 
 Why should you select ME? 
1. Gurukul trained and experienced Arya Samaji.2. Speak clear English and explain frequently.3. Have a great connection with younger generation and provide frequent explanations.4. Can tailor your individual needs upon request; very flexible.5. Can supply the ceremonial items.6. Can incorporate tradition of Hindu wedding with non-Hindu wedding ceremonies.7. Member in good standing with National Association of Wedding Officiants. 
At Wedding Pundit Management , we ensure that you relish‘that moment’ of your life — for a lifetime. As trusted wedding planners, we take upon us the task to execute wedding rituals — right from the ring ceremony to your first marital escapade. 

IntroductionWedding is referred to as ‘Vivah’ in Sanskrit. Weddings are a very essential part of our Indian Culture. It not only brings two people together, it is a celebration in itself; and by far one of the biggest celebrations of one’s life. People take months and sometimes years to plan a wedding. The precision and perfection are the two biggest aims. But many are opting for low-key affairs or even plain simple registered marriages. But nothing can take away the charm of a Vedic wedding. It is a special moment in a person’s life, which is made more special by the Vedic rituals and ambience. 
Importance and Significance of Vivah Puja (Wedding Puja)Marriages have become a multi-day celebration. There are various pre-wedding functions. Pujas done in every function have some significance. Vivah is a very sacred union. Many Gods and Goddesses are invited through various rituals to come and bless the couple. Marriages are set in the cosmos but the union sanskaar is done through a Vivah Puja. The Fire is the sakshi or the witness to this Holy Union. The promises made during a Vivah Puja are lifelong commitments that the bride and the groom make to each other. A Vivah Puja is made of various rituals and each ritual is significant. 
Benefits of Vivah Puja (Wedding Puja)The multifarious rituals of a Wedding Puja bring with themselves the following benefits: 
Blessings of all the Devs and Devis.Blessings of our fore fathers and ancestors.Participation of various family members in the Vidhi.Unionization of two souls as per Vedic beliefs.Unity between the bride and the groom.Physical, Mental, Social, Legal and Spiritual connections between the bride and the groom.Awareness of responsibilities towards each other and each other’s families.Awareness of their duties in the social set up.A chance to procreate with everyone’s blessings.A chance to have janam janam ka saath with your partner.History & StoriesIndian weddings, particularly, Arranged marriages have their roots in our Vedas. The way the weddings and various rituals are conducted now took shape during the Vedic period. The Hindu marriage rituals are derived from Dharmashastras i.e. the sacred texts. These Dharmashastras are a representation of the laws of the various Vedas. These scriptures have been scripted by male Aryan sages. Manu was known to be as the most influential interpreters of these scriptures and in 200 BC he wrote the Manu Samhita, which actually laid down the rules of marriage. 
List of Services available:1. Marriage /Anniversaries / Renewal of Vows 
2. House warming ceremony 
3. Graduation blessings 
4. Birthday blessings 
5. Naming ceremony (Namkaran) 
6. Head shaving ceremony (Mundan) 
7. Festivals 
8. Start of Business or New Projects 
9. Good health blessings 
10. Family Events and other miscellaneous celebrations 

Occasions to do a Vivah Puja (Wedding Puja)Although it sounds imperative that a Vivaah Puja happens during a couple’s Vivaah, there are a few other instances where the couple does the Vivah Puja. Many couples do a vivaah puja while buying a house together.Additionally, a lot of couples like to renew their wedding vows on their wedding anniversary.Moreover, quite a few couples who did a court/registered marriage, do a Vedic Vivah Puja and remarry each other on some special occasion in their life.Vivah Puja (Wedding Puja) Vidhi or ProcedureThe Vidhi actually changes from one community to another, but quite a few rituals are common.When the groom’s procession arrives at the entrance of the venue, the bride’s side welcomes the groom and his near and dear ones by performing the Var Satkaar Ceremony.After the bride joins the groom in the Mandap, the father gives away his daughter to the groom in a ceremony known as Kanyadaan.The Vivah Hom begins by lighting the sacred fire. The Panighran ceremony follows the Hom Lighting; Panigrahan refers to the groom accepting the bride as his lawfully wedded wife.The couple then circumvents the Agni Kund and takes the Mangal Pheras. Each Phera is a vow of commitment to each other.After the Pheras, the Saptapadi ceremony begins. It is the ritual of taking seven steps on grains of rice.Each step has its own significance. This is followed by the Sindoor and Mangalsutra ceremony.The couple then seeks the Aashirwaad of all the elders followed by the Bidai (send-off / farewell) of the bride and her Griha Pravesh in her new home and family.Vivah Puja (Wedding Puja) MuhuratThe mahurat of the wedding primarily depends on the positions and movements of the planets in the horoscope charts of the bride and the groom. Through that the Pandit provides various muhurats i.e. auspicious day, date and time on which the Vivah Puja shall yield the best results. 
But there are a few dates in 2016 which are auspicious in general for a Marriage Puja. They are: 

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2017 Hindu Wedding Dates (Shubh Lagan Muhurat)

JANUARY 2017: Hindu Wedding Dates, Vivaah Muhurat

15 January, 2017Paush Krishna ChaturthiMagha
17 January, 2017Paush Krishna PanchamiUttara Phalguni
20 January, 2017Paush Krishna AshtamiSwati
22 January, 2017Paush Krishna EkadashiAnuradha
23 January, 2017Paush Krishna EkadashiAnuradha

FEBRUARY 2017:- Hindu Marriage Dates in 2017

1 February, 2017Magha Shukla Panchami and ShashthiUttara Bhadrapada, Revati
2 February, 2017Magha Shukla ShashthiRevati
11 February, 2017Magha Krishna PrathamaMagha
13 February, 2017Magha Krishna TritiyaUttara Phalguni
14 February, 2017Magha Krishna ChaturthiUttara Phalguni, Hasta
16 February, 2017Magha Krishna ShashthiSwati
21 February, 2017Magha Krishna EkadashiMoola
28 February, 2017Phalguna Shukla Dwitiya and TritiyaUttara Bhadrapada, Revati

MARCH 2017: 2017 Hindu Marriage Dates in India

1 March, 2017Phalguna Shukla Tritiya and ChaturthiRevati
5 March, 2017Phalguna Shukla Ashtami and NavamiRohini, Mrigashirsha
6 March, 2017Phalguna Shukla NavamiMrigashirsha
10 March, 2017Phalguna Shukla ChaturdashiMagha
11 March, 2017Phalguna Shukla ChaturdashiMagha

APRIL 2017: Best Hindu Marriage Dates (Shubh Vivah) in 2017

17 April, 2017Chaitra Krishna ShashthiMoola
18 April, 2017Chaitra Krishna Saptami and AshtamiUttara Ashadha
19 April, 2017Chaitra Krishna AshtamiUttara Ashadha
28 April, 2017Vaishakha Shukla TritiyaRohini
30 April, 2017Vaishakha Shukla PanchamiMrigashirsha

MAY 2017: Vivaah Muhurat for Hindu Wedding

4 May, 2017Vaishakha Shukla Navami and DashamiMagha
6 May, 2017Vaishakha Shukla DwadashiUttara Phalguni
7 May, 2017Vaishakha Shukla Dwadashi and TrayodashiUttara Phalguni, Hasta
8 May, 2017Vaishakha Shukla TrayodashiHasta
12 May, 2017Vaishakha Krishna DwitiyaAnuradha
14 May, 2017Vaishakha Krishna ChaturthiMoola
16 May, 2017Vaishakha Krishna Panchami and ShashthiUttara Ashadha
21 May, 2017Vaishakha Krishna EkadashiUttara Bhadrapada
22 May, 2017Vaishakha Krishna Ekadashi and DwadashiUttara Bhadrapada, Revati
26 May, 2017Jyeshtha Shukla Prathama and DwitiyaRohini, Mrigashirsha
27 May, 2017Jyeshtha Shukla DwitiyaMrigashirsha

JUNE 2017: Indian Hindu Marriage Dates in 2017

2 June, 2017Jyeshtha Shukla NavamiUttara Phalguni
3 June, 2017Jyeshtha Shukla Navami and DashamiUttara Phalguni, Hasta
5 June, 2017Jyeshtha Shukla DwadashiSwati
8 June, 2017Jyeshtha Shukla ChaturdashiAnuradha
10 June, 2017Jyeshtha Krishna Prathama and DwitiyaMoola
11 June, 2017Jyeshtha Krishna DwitiyaMoola
12 June, 2017Jyeshtha Krishna TritiyaUttara Ashadha
17 June, 2017Jyeshtha Krishna AshtamiUttara Bhadrapada
18 June, 2017Jyeshtha Krishna Navami and DashamiUttara Bhadrapada, Revati
19 June, 2017Jyeshtha Krishna DashamiRevati
28 June, 2017Ashadha Shukla PanchamiMagha
30 June, 2017Ashadha Shukla SaptamiUttara Phalguni

JULY 2017: Best Dates (Vivah Muhrat) For Hindu Marriage

3 July, 2017Ashadha Shukla Dashami and EkadashiSwati
5 July, 2017Ashadha Shukla Dwadashi and TrayodashiAnuradha

Chaturmas 2017: Inauspicious Time for Hindu marriage

Chaturmas is the four month period which Hindus consider inauspicious for weddings. It is thought that Lord Vishnu sleeps during this period and it is considered unwise to disturb him.
Chaturmas in 2017 starts on 4 July, 2017 (Devshayani Ekadashi) and ends on 31 October, 2017 (Devuthani Ekadashi).

NOVEMBER 2017: Marriage Dates in 2017

11 November, 2017Kartik Krishna NavamiMagha
14 November, 2017Kartik Krishna Ekadashi and DwadashiUttara Phalguni, Hasta
15 November, 2017Kartik Krishna DwadashiHasta
21 November, 2017Margashirsha Shukla TritiyaMoola
29 November, 2017Margashirsha Shukla Dashami and EkadashiUttara Bhadrapada, Revati

DECEMBER 2017: Hindu Wedding Dates in 2017

4 December, 2017Margashirsha Krishna DwitiyaMrigashirsha
13 December, 2017Margashirsha Krishna EkadashiSwati