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Birthday Party Activity Stalls



In earlier days, B’day is a special moment in kid’s life, but the trends change and it is special in everyone’s life irrespective of the age. Planning for make a B’day Party starts to prior to a week and the event organizer have special role in the event. As the life is too busy in Metro city, the trend of an event organizer companies are on the peek. We keep our burden on the shoulders of the organizer and make our daily routine work without any hassle.

The organizer will do each and every work for us. They arrange the venue according to the Season, budget and theme. Also do decoration as per the theme and age of the person. Balloons and flowers are universal decorator for the party, else theme based props can be used.

Food is always attraction to the party, so they catering the food for each and every group of age. Like, if it is Kids party, food should be little sweet and full of snacks and fast food. If it is Teenager or adult party, they arrange main course along with snacks and soft and hard drinks. Games for all.

Event organizer can arrange Theme Party, so they have to write on invitation for the same. Then Event can be organized accordingly.

Music is a lifeline for the event, also add Dhol for extra fun. Dance floor for guests. All are arranged by organizer. Cake is very important ingredient for B’day Party, so it as lovely as the Celebration.

We also provide activities like
Crazy Golf, Ball in a Bucket, Buggy Ride, Basket ball Shootout, Rain Dance, Pin The nose, Zorbing, Tarot Card Reader, Foam Dance, Astrologer, Palmist, Roaming Magic Show, Fire Man, Mimicry Artist, Laughter Artist, Modern Puppet Show, Magic Show, Black Magic Show, Clown Show, Anchor, Dancers, Bubble Machine, Horse Ride, Hook a duck, Bouncy(all types), Portrait Maker, Name Beads, Long Man, Child Face Painting, Camel Ride, Nail Art, Electric Animal Train, Dart Game, Break The Pyramid, Make up Counter, Caricature, Hoopla, Hair Beading, Balloon Maker, Tattoo Maker , Chocolate Tattoo, Catch the Fish, Gun Shooting, Art and Craft, Pottery, Light Music, D J, Western Dance , Rajasthani Folk Dance, Dance Show, Traditional Folk Dances , Punjabi Folk Dance , Corporate & Commercial Events, Brand Promotional Campaigns & Theme Parties, Balloon Décor, Theme Décor, Kids Rides, Kids Entertainment, Bouncy, Magic Shows, Puppet Shows, Birthday Caps, Masks, Khoi Bag, Birthday Banners, Game Coordinators, Return Gifts, Birthday Cake, Kids Menu, Dance Entertainment, Digital Studio, wedding in hotair balloon etc.

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