Birthday Party Event Management

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Birthday Party Event Management

We Provide Birthday Party Organizer Jaipur, Balloon Decoration Udaipur, Game Anchor, Entertainment Service, Sound, Game Anchor, Game Stalls, Puppet Show, Magician in Jaipur

Balloon Decoration

Birthday Party Planner

Birthday Theme Party 

Cartoon Cut Outs

Cartoon Character

Balloon Theme Decoration
Food Management
Birthday Party Planner

Birthday Venue Booking

Kids Orchestra Party

Game Coordinator

Animal Riding
Birthday Dart Game
Balloon Shooting Game

Merry go Round Game

Puppet Show


Bull Riding Game
Return Gift

Pot Maker Artist 

Lakh Bangle Maker
Parrot Tarot Reading
Face Reading

Temporary Tattoo Artist

Nail Art
Kids Magic Show

Gola Wala
Cotton Candy Stall
Sketch Portrait Maker

Kids Car Entry
Birthday Tent Decoration
Birthday DJ Party
Punjabi Dhol Artist
Punjabi Dhol Artist
Birthday Fireworks

Sky Lantern
Projector and Screen

LED Wall 

Food Catering Service

Light Decoration
Flower Decoration

Management Boys

Bouncer Security


 Birthday Party at Mathara Height, Lakecity Mall

 Birthday Party at Chawla Restaurant 

 Birthday Party at Moti Magri, Udaipur

 Birthday Party at Anant Heights, Fatehpura

 Birthday Party at Hiran Magri Sector 9 Udaipur

 Birthday Party at Trident

 Birthday Party at Ashoka Palace, Udaipur

 Birthday Party at Savina, Udaipur

Birthday Party at Hiran Magri Sector 11, Udaipur

 Birthday Party 100 FT Road Udaipur

Birthday Party at Arjun Bagh, 100 Ft Road, Udaipur

 Birthday Party at Tribute Restaurent

 Birthday Party  at Sheetal Dham Udaipur

Birthday Party Decoration at DPS School

 Birthday Party at Kava Restaurent Udaipur

 Room Decoration at Hotel AmbavGarh

Birthday Party at Archi Peace park Udaipur

 Birthday Party at Hotel Jaisingh Garh Udaipur

Birthday Party Decoration Udaipur

Birthday Party at Nand Bhawan Udaipur

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Balloon Decoration at Maharashtra Bhawan

Birthday Party at Rani Village Udaipur

 Birthday Party at R K Puram Savina, Udaipur

Birthday Party at Ambamata, Udaipur

 Birthday Party at Ganga Farms, Udaipur

Birthday Party at Sagwara

 Birthday Party at Jaisingh Garh

Birthday at Shouryagarh Hotel, Udaipur

Birthday Party at Sector-4, Udaipur

Birthday party at Bagichi Restaurant

Birthday Party at Lakecity Garden, Udaipur

Birthday Party at Alka Hotel, Udaipur

Birthday Party at Savina, Udaipur

Birthday Party at Bhuwana, Udaipur

Balloon Decoration at Sector 4

Birthday Party Game Anchor at Mangalam Rose Apartment, Udaipur

Male Singer at Ram Villas Hotel, Udaipur

Birthday Party at Kushalgarh

Birthday Party at Ashoka Green

Birthday Party at Hotel Valley View, Udaipur

Birthday Party at Hotel Jaisingh Garh, Udaipur

Birthday Balloon Decoration at Park Exotica Resort, Udaipur


Birthday party is an exceptional day for everyone and since it comes once in every year, it has to be an extra ordinary day. This is the day which takes us a step further to another journey of life. Birthdays are the best time for having fun and jolly time with friends and relatives and in each passing year we gain more experience and wisdom. If you’re making arrangements to celebrate your big day with a birthday bash – or even for that matter if you’re organizing a birthday party for someone else – first priority is to search out the right materials well in advance, to make sure everything goes as planned. An idea of a birthday party differs from individual to individual depending on their budget. Party is so much entertaining if you are passionate and have the patience you can go all out and plan something unique filled with some extra- fun.

Udaipur Event helps you plan up birthday parties smoothly by keeping certain things into consideration which helps birthday parties become a smashing- hit! Our party planners provide with each and everything which is essential for your birthday like decoration, cake, balloons, flower arrangement, crepe streamers and so on. At the same time as we are all aware that decoration is an essential and vital part of every party to make it memorable. A suitable decorated birthday party will surely applaud up your guests and will make them remember it everlastingly. The spirit of festivity should be there. Our Fun Films party planners also present special kind of birthday party themes which increases your participation in the party.

“Have a rocking birthday party in an affordable package.”

Udaipur Event organizes excellent birthday parties, which will make your day rocking! We offer reasonable and very affordable packages depending on your budget! Our birthday packages starts from Rs 1000 and above, covering every basic thing required for a terrific birthday party like decorations, entertainment and video coverage.

Throw a magical birthday party without lifting a finger! While you relax, Fun Films will organize a totally cool birthday party, with a blend of excitement and fun as the name suggests, yet making every bit of it charitable, sweeping you of your feet and at the same time leaving your guests in awe! So all you do is chill out because we do all the work. Now that’s magic, right?

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and flexibility to meet our customer’s individual requirements. We will work with you to ensure that your every need is met according to your budget.

Our Services Include:-

  • * Theme Invites
  • * Venue Management
  • * F&B Catering
  • * Theme Cakes (Photo/3d)
  • * Theme Decoration
  • * Lighting
  • * Audio-Video (Dj, Projectors, Live Bands etc.)
  • * Artists & Entertainers (Host, Game Host, Clown, Magician, Jugglers, Face-painters, Tattoo-artists, Tarot Card  reader, Bangle-maker, Potter etc.)
  • * Games & Activities (Indoor/Outdoor/Game-stalls etc.)
  • * Videographer & Photographer
  • * Gifts & Return Gifts

Birthday Party Organiser

We provide venue options to suit your requirements e.g. budget, location, indoor, outdoor etc. We also provide various themes for all age groups / genders etc.

Some of the common boys themes are Hero Themes, Bond 007, Pirates, Disney World, Jungle Theme while some of the most common themes for girls are Cinderella, Angle, Barbie etc.

Venue Sourcing

We provide venue options to suit your requirements like your budget, location, indoor, outdoor etc.

Theme Events

We provide various themes for all age groups / genders etc. Some of the common Boys themes are Hero themes, Pirates, Disney World, Jungle theme etc. while some of the common girls themes are Cinderella , Angle, Barbie etc.


Emcee will organise interactive games for kids, adults, interact and create excitement on the spot.

Balloon Decor

Various color themes can be selected on the basis of themes.

Balloon Entry Gate

Balloon entry gate increases the look and feel of the entire place.

Cartoon Cut-Outs

We will decorate the whole place with various cartoon cut-outs and themes etc. We can also provide self standing board for display of cartoon character with colorful satin drapes.

Stall Games

We can have various fun fair games like shooting, 7Up & 7Down, Kul-ja-sim-sim etc.

Magician / Puppet Show

A magician show for the kids or a puppet show for kids and all age groups can also be organized for FUN.

Tattoo Artists / Face Painters

Nowadays the tattoo artists & face painters also gives a decent artistic look to any show. Peoples are very much fond of having different forms of art on their hands and biceps like zodiac signs, rose, face of a lion and even their names. BUT the female generation has a different taste. They are very much attracted in having a nice bracelet tattoo on their wrist or a nice design on their biceps. Even we can have creative tattoos based upon theme or any exiting designs also.

Cartoon Characters

We can also help you out with various cartoon characters like Tom & Jerry, Popeye, Micky Mouse, Dragon, Krish, etc.

Return Gifts

Depending upon the age group we can make an exciting goodie bags like Birthday caps, Masks, Piggy Box, Pencil set, Diary, Tiffin box, Water bottle etc.


Cake can be made as per the Birthday / Event Theme e.g. Jungle, Tweety shape etc.

Sound System and DJ

Sound System required for conducting games, Dance party etc. A professional DJ can play foot-tapping numbers, Popcorn & Candy. We can have popcorn & candy stalls for kids followed by chocolate stalls and fountains etc.

Kids Birthday Party Decoration

Decoration for birthday party area is the first thing that one notices while entering the party. It helps in making the first impression on the minds of your guests about the effort that you have taken in organising the event. Every detailing of the decoration shows how much care and attention you have put in to make the day special for your kid. As birthdays are the days that your kids wait for throughout the year, surprise them with exceptional decorations and make them realise how special they are for you.

The party organisers offer a wide range of birthday party decoration ideas that are unique as well as alluring. These ideas are complimentary to the themes. These planners give you a variety of options from which you make your choice according to the size and shape of the place and of course your budget. The various birthday decoration options that they provide are as follows-

Decoration of the entrance- The entry gate is the first thing that one sees before entering the actual arena. The entrance is decorated beautifully by the organisers. It is kind of an introduction to the party theme. Decoration of the cake table- The birthday party organisers also decorate the cake table in such a way that is very attractive for the kids. As this is the most important part of the event, it receives the maximum attention when it comes to decoration. Indoor and Outdoor decoration- Decorations manifest the theme of the occasion. The inside as well as outer portion of the birthday hall or room is ornamented according to the theme. For instance, if the theme is balloon, every part of the area right from the entrance is filled with balloons of different colours. Digital flex decoration- decoration is as well done using flex carrying snaps of the birthday boy or girl. You are just required to capture the various moods of your kid in a camera and hand them over to the organisers. They will print the pictures in flexes of different size and hang them all over the place. Decoration with thermocol cut out- Decoration of the place is as well done using thermocol cut outs. Beautiful cut outs with intricate designs are put up on the walls. The original white colour of the thermocol looks great if the walls are of darker shade. Or else the cut outs can also be coloured to suit the shade of the walls. Other decoration patterns- Apart from the above mentioned styles, there are other patterns of decorations for birthday parties available. Patterns also vary according to the gender of the child. Whereas boys would love to have a Superman theme for birthday party, on the other hand, decorations based on Princess or Barbie works best for a girl. All you have to do is to put on your thinking caps and be creative or call the best party organiser in town and leave the rest to them.

We are the professional Event Management Organization based in Udaipur Rajasthan, India.

In Udaipur Event Management, We believe that there is no better business referral than that given by a satisfied customer. That’s why we are committed to finding out what exactly our customer’s needs are and delivering solutions that meet, and often exceed, expectations. You can expect us, as part of the standard services we provide for any event like ( theme wedding, product launch, exhibitions, sales promotion activities in shop and outdoor ,conference, corporate party, fashion show, stage show & Artist Co ordination and more..) to create and regularly update a budget and project plan, research locations including zoning, noise or other ordinances, or other scheduled activities that might intrude on your event, we will find and secure the necessary facilities, negotiate vendor contracts, design the layout and decor of the facility, select (with your approval of course)and oversee the caterer and menu, and arrange for entertainment, invitations, and accommodations for your guests, We will co ordinate staff and volunteers, arrange publicity. We provide few services like Wedding Consultancy, Budget Management & Planning, Venue Sourcing, Theme Decor, Stage setup & Decor, Mehandi Artist, Make –up Artist, Guest Management, Tentage & Venue Construct, Light & Sound, Entertainment, Training Classes. We think we are the best event management in Udaipur Rajasthan.

Your birthday is as special as you are for udaipur event mangement. You add yet another glorious year to your life. You leave behind your past and sour endings and look forward to new and fresh beginnings and bask in the glory of new found hopes. With all your loved ones near you, the best way to enjoy yourself on this wonderful day is by planning a birthday party celebration. Let your friends and family organize one for you while you sit back and enjoy the attention and affection being showered on you! In case you are thinking about unique ideas for birthday parties, check out our related sections that give you many birthday party ideas and information.

We would be happy to receive your emails and requirements at Our Event Production services extend all across India from its Udaipur Rajasthan base.

Anticipating an opportunity to serve and association that would last forever!

BirthDay Party OranisersWe are a family-firm organizing events with the latest ideas for Birthday Parties. Our skilled and knowledgeable organizers will successfully plan and produce your birthday with lots of fun making it a great and memorable event. You would definitely love the way of our organization. Everything would be systematic with proper time scheduling for celebration and meal.

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Additional Services Offered – Ice Gola Carts on Hire, Ice Cream Carts on Hire, Pani Puri Stall on Hire, Candy Floss Machine on Hire, Firki/Phirki on Hire.

Hire Our Services

If you are thinking for opting a service for Candy Floss and Popcorn Stall, Panipuri Stall on Hire etc for any themed event, Film Shooting etc. Apart from balloon decoration we also provide this additional services on rental basis. Events covered by us are wide ranging. From trade fair to product launches/exhibitions, from family day to cocktail receptions, special festive celebrations to birthday parties, Cinema, Weddings, School and University functions, Corporate fun days, Corporate Parties, Office Parties, Conferences etc Why not contact us now for more information and remember! – We aim to deliver that special experience at an affordable price!

Ice Gola Carts on Hire

On a hot summer day the gola wala is the coolest sight in the scorching streets of Mumbai. The Gola wala is the ice slush vendor. With hundreds of bottles of colourful syrups lining his cart, an ice crusher in the middle and such essentials like gola sticks, glasses and bowls, he churns out the most amazing stuff on this sizzling earth.

We provide Ice Gola machine on hire for different occasions like birthday party, Suiting, Marriage, event, advertisement and many more. We have the different flavours Kalakhatta, Mango, Orange, Straberry and Rose.

Ice Cream Carts on Hire

Balloon Arts provide you the opportunity to hire an Ice Cream Carts or Ice Cream Tricycles for your special event. Having a real passion for ice cream we pride ourselves on using only the best product. Our Ice Cream Parlour is able to cater for all events from school fetes to corporate entertaining, indoor or outdoor. We understand that every event is unique and tailor our service to your needs to ensure you receive the best possible experience, from the minute you book until the minute we leave.

Candy Floss Machine on Hire

Looking for something different to add some fun to your wedding, party or event? Why not hire one of our Candy Floss Machines?

We provide Candy floss Machine on hire for Birthday Party, Suiting, Marriage, Event and Advertisement. Creating a great sense of theatre in any setting and filling the air with the most tantalising aroma, candy floss machines are a fantastic addition to any party.

We offer a simple all-inclusive service tailored to each client’s specific needs. All machines come with a trained operator, carts or decoration to suit your event theme and all the candy floss your guests can eat!

Exciting range of new flavours including Strawberry, Vanilla, Mango, Orange and many more!

Our candy floss machines are great for exhibitions and events where space is at a premium. Our ethos is to provide a consistently high level of service at an affordable price whatever the event.

Firki / Phirki on Hire

Balloon Arts can also provide your traditional firki wala facility for your events, birthday party which will add some fun to your occasions, Why not hire one of our Firki/Phirki Vendors?

Balloon Arts with its complete service of balloon decoration provides additional service facility highlighted, Our endeavour is to provide your the best decoration service which makes your occasion complete and more facinating.

Helium Balloons

We specialise in a wide range of balloon decoration, Various decorators may use helium balloons to create balloon sculptures. Now-a-days advertisers, corporate companies opts helium balloons decoration as a part of their product advertisement and promotions.

Pani Puri Stall on Hire

Phuchka (Phoochka) or Panipuri is quite a popular street food in Mumbai, different parts of India as well. It comprises a round, hollow puri, fried crisp and filled with a mixture of water, tamarind, chili, chaat masala, potato, onion and chickpeas. It is small enough to fit completely in one’s mouth. It is known as Panipuri or Golgappa in some other parts of the country.