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Bhajan Sandhya

In Rajasthan, these continue to be eagerly awaited events that draw huge crowds, from all over the country. And while there may also be an air of vacationing, by and large they are viewed with immense grace and respect. Hence, these need to be organized with great care. We organize musical events for Bhagwati Jagran. All types of instruments and orchestra bands are available with us to make your Jagran a memorable day of your life. Our singers and musical group create theWe organize musical events for Bhagwati Jagran.


  1. Bhajan sandhya
  2. Mata Ka Jagran
  3. Sai Bhajan Sandhya
  4. Bhagwati Jagran
  5. Mata Ki Chowki
  6. Ramdev katha
  7. Bhagwat katha
  8. Ram katha
  9. Shani dev katha
  10. Nani bai ka mayra
  11. Sundarkand
  12. Akhand ramayan path
  13. Mata ji ratri jagran
  14. Bheruji ratri jagran