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April 10, 2019
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Wedding Sangeet Party

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Sangeet ceremony as the name suggests is all about dance and music. It is one of the most enjoyable ceremonies before the wedding plans and is exclusively for women. Initially, the sangeet party was organized only by the bride’s family but with changing times it is now observed by the groom’s family as well. Also, it was a ritual that was only seen in Indian weddings.

Sangeet ceremony is held a few days before the mehndi ceremony and comes as a time for joy and merriment amidst the hectic hustling bustling activities before marriage. Traditional the family of the bride invites female relatives and associates for Ladies sangeet, wherein all of them sing folk songs dedicated to marriage and bride. It is accompanied by Dholak and spoon, for the tune and beat. After this, all the unmarried girls perform a dance on different songs.

Amidst the celebration, ladies, crack jokes, tease the bride, merrily reminisce their youthful days and bless the girl for a prosperous married life. The environment quite often becomes emotional as the bride and her mother experience the pangs of separation from each other. After all the dance and singing is done, its time for refreshment. It mainly contains a number of snacks and sweet dishes. Women enjoy themselves to the fullest, making the environment light.

Udaipur Event Planner at Udaipur Event Management believes that any event of yours should be hassle-free and you should enjoy it completely. That is the reason we offer customized solutions for all our clients.

We support you to host the most magical Pre-wedding celebration

There cannot be a better way to start the countdown to the wedding ceremony than starting with a perfect pre-wedding ceremony. If accomplished in the right style, this celebration will set the right mood for the Big Day and hence, these days, people, irrespective of the specific theme or style of the ceremony they are opting, ensure that the celebration starts with a grand pre-wedding ceremony. Joining hands with a reliable Pre Wedding service provider in Udaipur and Jaipur, you can accomplish the plan to flawless perfection. In instances you are looking for a trustworthy Pre Wedding service provider in Udaipur and Jaipur, you can definitely rely on our services.

We will assist you in organizing the best pre-wedding ceremonies

When it comes to the pre-wedding celebrations, you have ample of options that you can try. However, organizing these celebrations as well as managing the entire scope of actions is not as simple task as it apparently seems like. In those instances, as the most reliable pre-wedding Planner in Udaipur and Jaipur, we develop such plans that will enable you to host these events, without getting into any hassles and troubles. We will make arrangements for guest entertainment, booking the artist for the ceremonies, making arrangement for foods as well as arranging other activities that the celebration might require.

As the most experienced and reputed pre-wedding Planner in Udaipur and Jaipur, we have got extensive experience in handling such assignments and hence, you can rely on us for successfully arranging these celebrations. We prepare the plan and execute the functions in a style that the entire event swings in perfect harmony so that you never ever have to face any awkward instances as the host. Thus, once you have partnered with us, it stands assured that you can host the most delightful pre-wedding celebration.

We assist you in preserving the sweetest moments of the pre-wedding ceremonies

The magical moments of the pre-wedding ceremony will never come for the second time in your life and hence, you will definitely love to preserve the memories of this special day. We are offering the best pre-wedding photo service in India through the hands of the best wedding photographers. These professionals will produce the most aesthetic and enticing visual resources for the special day, no matter it is the special photo sessions for the bride and the groom or capturing the photographs of the special moments of the ceremony. Our pre-wedding photo service in India gets reviewed on very high notes by the clients and hence, you can opt for these services with good faith.

Our niche lies in our capacity to offer the most delightful services within the most reasonable rates and hence, you will never find it difficult to afford our services. For us, it is the satisfaction of the customers that get the top priority and we are ready to walk those extra miles that it might take to accomplish this objective. Joining hands with us, it stands assured that you will be getting the best value for your money.


Sway to beats of your favorite music or song at your Sangeet or reception. Our expert team of choreographers helps you measure every beat and perform like a pro. Apart from making you groove on the bass, the choreographers also aid you in finalizing your performance dress. So, with our choreographers on your side on your special day, dance without the worry of this world.
Your day should be choreographed just like a fairy tale, with the best wedding theme. Check our Gallery for the best saved moments.

Book Male Female Anchor Host Emcee

There are many functions at a wedding, every function stands its own value, and people come for sure though. And every function is distinguished from the other. The specialty of these events is that it strengthens the relations of the Bride and the Groom. Everyone is so happy but incomplete in those events. Without the presence of a good Anchor who could ease the efforts of relatives who’d decide to anchor the event on themselves. We are there with you at every step of the wedding and help you to reach the ultimate realm of enjoyment.

Now, you do not spend over money on the events as we provide very reasonable Anchors for weddings and with amazing skills. They have the ability to take the event on their own. Your demands are heartily entertained and fulfilled. Our Anchors are very talented and can be prompt at some moment! Anchors must have the quality to engage the audience and represent the family. Always smiling anchors also possess the caliber that holds the event and does not let it fade away. For them every function, event, the party is the same, they do their best in every event. For which we train them to the utmost level. Our training is mostly based on customer demands because for us client satisfaction is everything and we try to co-op with that as much as possible. Many times our anchors perform out of the box and make customers happy with that.

Their instant performance would be pleasurable and enjoyable to the core. We at Udaipur Event Management look forward to doing as much as we can. We prepare the Anchor before sending them to your event. A wedding is a stressful event for the core members of it, and to the people involved in it, our job is to ease your stress and make your events fun.

Anchors are one of the most important people in events because there are so many people coming and binding them together is important. Their performance during the event and participation in the party is essential when it comes to a big celebration. What is an event without a perfectly entertaining Anchor? And Wedding is already a joyous occasion where people come to give blessings and attend a lovely place, some people come after a tiring day or some are tired already because all the work is done, our anchor performance will be the ultimate solution to that.

Female Anchor

Artists are of high importance in an event. Without which entertainment is almost impossible. They are the spirit of the party and a lifeline which could turn any boring event into a fun party. Udaipur Event Management is a company with various anchor categories within them. We have the most talented anchors with them and who has done tons of other parties and events to showcase the real experience. Experience can be tough to find, a real anchor has real mic skills.

We as a company are also serving young talent to encourage this business and to grow at twice as speed than normal. Female Anchors are really useful in an event; they can get the attention quickly. Many guests at the party are in the expectation of good entertainment. Some builders keep private shows to showcase their flats and while they do that, they take care that their guests are anticipated with the female anchor’s entertaining performances. Finding good female anchors in Mumbai is very difficult, for which we provide our best.

Quality is one thing that we as a company do not want to compensate at any cost. We have readied their anchors on a very satisfactory level. They only hire the professionals and ones who have their good reputed stand in this industry. Female anchors can actually charm the event and possess the potential of adding the glamour into the event. All the limelight can be snatched and brought to them. Skillful, dedicated, talented, and many more are personalities that a female anchor would deliver. Our duty is to give the clients what they demand, our custom plan can be bespoken and can be changed accordingly. Meeting the client is the prior part where we decide what we are going to perform and deliver. If everything goes right, we prepare the anchor and give training accordingly. They are highly professionals and can adapt to performance quickly.

Be it a corporate event or a birthday party, the female anchor will handle the event perfectly. We provide multiple services; we also organize the whole event and manage it. We have experience in which we stand; this industry is very vast and deep. But our artists are much more important to us.

Anchors are entertaining but yet knowledgeable, their speaking skills aren’t enough, on-stage performance is also important in which these anchors are mastered. Be with us to be on the bright side.

Looking for a professional party entertainer (Anchor) that can entertain people of all ages. Then look no further. We provide Party Entertainer & Kids Entertainer just meant for you. Our Anchor will make your parties unique with lots of fun. They will definitely make your party a memorable day for all. Our skilled and knowledgeable organizers will successfully plan and produce your next event, meeting or product launch, as we have for an illustrious list of international clients.

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