Langa Party At Chandan Wari Udaipur

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The Manganiyar and Langa are both exclusively hereditary communities who make their livings as musical performers and genealogists for higher-caste patrons. Both groups are Muslim, but the Langa’s patrons are Muslim Sindhi Sipahis, whereas the Manganiyar’s patrons are mainly Hindus. The Langa’s main traditional instrument is the Sindhi sarangi; Manganiyar’s is the kamaicha. Both are bowed stringed instruments with skin membrane sounding boards and many sympathetic strings. Both Langas and Manganiyars sing and play the dholak (double-headed barrel-drum), the Kartal(wooded clappers), the morchan (jaws harp), and the ubiquitous harmonium.

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Udaipur Event Management the best organizers for Artist Rajasthan Folk Dance, kalbeliya Dance, Goomar dance Shehnai Players, Rajasthani Dancers, Kachi Gohri. Puppet Show, Chari Nartya, Firework with dance, Langa Mangayar(Jaisalmer ) Sufi Music, Rajputi songs and all Type Rajasthani event. Highly cultivated classical music and dance are a vital part of the Rajasthani culture. Folk music and dances are worth praising. The Kalbeliya dance (Jaisalmer) and the Ghoomar dance (Udaipur) have gained worldwide appreciation. The folk music of the state is simple and songs are depicting day-to-day relationships and chores. Kathputali, Chang, Bhopa, Ghindar, Teajaji, etc are popular folk music. Folk songs are ballads depicting heroic deeds and love stories of Rajasthani people. Devotionals songs (Bhajans) are also sung. The Kalbelia Dance or the snake dance performed by the women to the enchanting tune of musical instruments is one of the best examples of the human emotions in which movements and the costumes bear resemblance to that of the serpents to catch the snake. Ghoomna Dance the women in the community move clockwise and anti-clockwise gently and gracefully while wearing the Ghagra.

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