Gazal Singer Quawali Party

Gazal Singer Quawali Party

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Best Qawwali Singers and Qawwali Group for Shows and Events in udaipur rajasthan. we provide Ghazal Singers,,Devotional Singers,Orchestras For Wedding Orchestras, Qawwali is basically the Sofiyana Kalam which is very popular in subcontinent aspecially in India and all over the world. hindustani qawali group and Qawwali is normally sing in a group under the group leader. our artist qawwal is the name of legends in qawali gave a different touch to the Qawwali with thier own created tunes, rhythms and music .udaipur event management included Sufi, Marfat, tasawoof, love and romantic tracks in Qawwali.

Now a days Qawwali is not only the Sofiyana Kalam but also the love songs which have been very popular and examples in hindi movies. Pop music is basically invention of qawwali.  The people who sing qawaali is called qawwal. Pakistani qawwali music is very famous amoung the young and elders as well as this is mainly sofiyana kalam and people are now moving towards sufiyana kalam other than noisy songs.

Qawwali music is soft and touch heart that’s why every listener must go into the heaven sometime for the tune, may be for the rythem and may be for the whole compositions.

udaipur productions and entertainment agency provides you the best qawal parties and qawaali group such as qawwali music was expanded in india by these great people icluding Khawaja Moinuddin Hasan Chisti (R.A), Sheikh Nizamuddin Auliya (R.A) ,Hazrat Amir Khusro (R.A) , those are discover the qawali in the world. From the past the qawal parties perform the kalam and compositions of Hazrat Ameer Khusru (R.S). Some of the highlighted qawal which perform such composition and tunes from the Hazrat

Qawwal is a person who sings qawwali among the other partners on the stage. There has been many famous Qawwal in Pakistan who played significant role in propagation and foundation of qawali in this region. Qawaali music was flourished by

  1. Fateh Ali Khan
  2. Bakhsi Salamat
  3. Aziz Mian Qawwal
  4. Sabri Qawwal
  5. Badar Ali Khan
  6. Mehr Ali and Sher Ali qawwal


Qawwali is original musical form of Sofiyana kalaam from the sufi and Aulias Allah Hazrat Khawaja Moin o din Hassan Chishti (R.A). Basically \’which is very popular in subcontinent especially in india and pakistan.The word qawwali is extracted from an arabic word \” Qaol\” which in simple words means SAYING. Thus essentialy qawali is all about sayings of Allah, Rasool,Aulias and Sofias. Qawali tracks back to 11th century which was initially introduced by aulia ikraam to generate devine love between human and the creator (GOD). As people of subcontinent loved music they were greatly influenced by qawwalis.

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