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Basically, leave it to US (Udaipur Event Management) to make all arrangements and then kick start your party. One of the best birthday bash organizers operating on a large scale in India for the past 12 years. That’s why Vast range of markets across India have enjoyed our services like communication planning, strategy, creativity & artistic work.

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Kids Artist Management, Birthday Party, New Born Baby, Anniversary Party, Family Day, Inauguration Party, Mundan Ceremony, Kua Pujan Party, Balloon Decoration, Boys Theme, Girls Theme, Flower Decoration, Theme parties and so on.!

First of all Udaipur Event Management is a subsidiary company of fame business group. Make parties memorable for you & your children. Provide you all types of favors for birthday parties or joint birthday parties for your twin kids ,whether its your children’s 1st , 2nd , 3rd , 4th , 5th , 10th, 12th,13th, 14th,15th,16th , 17th ,18th or its your 25th, 30th ,40th, 50th,60th, 70th, 80th ,90th birthday celebration or your marriage anniversary at any venue or venues in and around Udaipur.

Birthday Party Organiser :

Furthermore, we also arrange themed decoration & supplies for theme parties. Unique Ideas or themes are provided according to your requirement whether your kids are girls, boys, teenagers or a toddler, one-year-old baby, teenage or a little girl.

Besides this, some of the great ideas for a kids birthday party, games ideas for girl and boys are Halloween, Scooby-doo,sponge-bob. Likewise Disney princess, movie characters, las vegas, lightning McQueen, Houston, iron man, San Antonio and even more.

Similarly Chicago, rockstar, Disney cars, toy story, Cinderella, dinosaur, dinosaurs, Spiderman, mickey mouse clubhouse, John Deere, pirate, ballerina, cowgirl, cowboy, ninja, curious George, monster truck, monster, sock monkey and moreover. Birthday party organizer in Udaipur .

Another theme including Hawaiian, superhero, buzz light year, space, race car, star wars, princess , yo gabba, spy, beach, ice cream. Equivalently Cinemark, Luau, Superman, video games, Dr. Seuss, Spongebob, San Diego, sweet 16, western style paintball parties, baseball games.

Similarly tinker bell child, bowling, Disney Theme, under the sea, safari, Foosball, sports. Likewise, tie-dye, tangled, baseball, zoo, jungle, soccer, ocean, Rapunzel, surprise, tangled, little gym, Hollywood, baby elephant, soccer, princess, pink, graduation and even more. Udaipur Event Management In Udaipur .

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Hence we also provide location or venue arrangement services. Having contacts with many unique indoor or outdoor venues around the city in Udaipur , where ever you need, just give us a call 9928686346

Likewise, we have identified several birthday parties places, first birthday, carnival locations in and around Udaipur which also have weather specific services like waterproofing, central AC for summer and fall, blowers for winter and can be provided on your request. Udaipur Event Management In Udaipur .

So venue suggestions are provided free of cost. Artists, characters and other entertainment services are also one of our specialties. Furthermore, we provide artist services like face painting, nail painting, mickey mouse, dog. Similarly fairy, puppy, template artist, gymnastics, pony, Mehandi artist, make-up specialist, balloons decorators, clowns, McDonald’s, entertainers like magicians, ice cream, women or men game coordinators for, cool games.

Similarly, Animal mask , Dog sock puppet, Straw collage, Snot recipe, Wink murder, Dog sock puppet, Flying baby game, Famous finger puppets, build a bear, favors train, karate, laser tag, Basketball games, build a bear, casino, wording, bug, and other fun activities. Certainly, there are few special activities available even for 1 year, 2 year and 3-year kids which are good for their first & second birthdays.

Although these all are available at cheap rates and you can choose from them to design your own personalized packages. Most importantly suggestions for planning your party’s theme is also provided free of cost. Above all party bus can also be provided on request birthday party organizer in Udaipur .

Therefore we can also provide tables, chairs, plates on rentals. Some party appetizers like a cupcake , pastries other food can also be arranged on request. Udaipur Event Management In Udaipur.

Finally, celebrity invitations can also be arranged on request. Hence all these requests can also be placed online using our website. So you only need to browse the contents and submit the printable checklist. Birthday party organizer in Udaipur.

Themes :

  • Boys Theme
  • Girls Theme
  • Customize Theme
  • First Birthday Party
  • Twins theme Party
  • New Born Theme
  • Casino Theme Party
  • Candy Land Theme Party
  • Village Theme Party
  • Superhero Theme Party
  • Car Theme Party
  • Airplane Theme Party
  • Superman Theme Party
  • Disney Theme Party
  • Blue & White Theme
  • Services For Event
  • Balloon Decor Idea
  • Indoor balloon decor
  • Outdoor balloon decor
  • Balloon Decorator
  • Gas Balloon Decorator
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Those who give a good presentation, it’s not necessary that he will give you good production, lots of time this thing happens that those who give the finest products is not able to make a good presentation .– Udaipur Event Management

Games & Activity For Event

  • Tattoo Artist
  • Magic Show
  • Puppet Show
  • Game Coordinator
  • Make your children’s birthday special by choosing our special package for them.

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