Anniversary Party Management

Anniversary Party Management

Anniversary Party Planners Jaipur|Event Party Organisers|Decorators in Udaipur

Anniversary parties are special events, not only do they bring back all the memories of the couple’s special day, but they are also a celebration of the continuing commitment to each other with the chance for friends and relations to join in and show their love and support. So, If you are looking for a party planner to plan your special anniversary party, then contact us. We at THE Udaipur Event Management Company provide special anniversary party planning services as per your interest and requirements.

We also provide some more special and grand arrangements for your 25th-anniversary party, 40th-anniversary party, 50th-anniversary party, etc. We are engaged in offering the 50th Wedding Anniversary Party Management Service to our most valued clients. Our services are widely appreciated and we offer this 50th Wedding Anniversary Party Management Service as per our client’s specific requirements. Clients can avail this 50th Wedding Anniversary Party Management Service from us at most affordable prices. Anniversary is the special day for the couples to remember the memorable moments spent together. With our rich industry experience of designing Anniversary Party Themes, we are able to create memorable, enjoyable, and safe party events. We arrange the venues, caterers, and source the entire arrangements as per the specifications of the clients. The menus are specially prepared in a hygienic environment and rich in nutrition value.

Wedding anniversary events celebrate important milestones in a couple’s life together and provide an opportunity for friends and relatives to join in celebrating that milestone. While most anniversary events occur at milestone intervals such as 10 years, 25 years, or 50 years, any anniversary can be a celebration.


Anniversary is an occasion to celebrate and cherish the moments that you have to spend with your beloved. The anniversary celebrations further help you to come close to your spouse and strengthen your bond of love. We at Melodia take the burden off your shoulders and help you plan your anniversary be it a surprise anniversary party your 1st Anniversary or your 50th Anniversary. We plan the arrangements the theme, the venue & and the menu according to your taste. We have our teamwork around the clock to make your event meaningful.

We do plan:

  1. 1st Anniversary
  2. Surprise Anniversary
  3. 25th Anniversary
  4. 50th Anniversary

You have a choice to choose your own Anniversary theme that we can have done for you, and print it on your invites, we also play the music of your choice mostly the first song you dance to when you got married of met each other.

Anniversary is a very special moment for the couple, a wedding anniversary is important milestones in a couple’s life together, we will make your anniversary a great event in style with friends and family celebrates your big day with fun and frolics. Whether it’s the 1st anniversary, silver or golden jubilee. We manage your anniversary and make it special for you by our creations.

We Offer Services Anniversary

  1. Theme suggestion
  2. Venues
  3. Creative invitations
  4. Photographer /Videographer
  5. Decor’ & Ambience
  6. Memorable Gifts.
  7. Social Programs

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